The Ibara Railway will take you to the calm countryside of Japan

公開日 Sep 11 2019

The local train which is not so famous in Japan


The Ibara Railway is one of local trains in Japan. There are 14 stations and the whole trip takes about 70 minutes. In the morning, there are students with their school uniforms and commuters on the train.

The trains will show you new faces of Japan


The body of train is gray-ish and simple designed. One or two cars well match with its surroundings like fresh green forest and Canola Flowers. Many people have the image of urban cities about Japan because of Tokyo, Osaka, and other major cities, but after taking the Ibara Railway that image becomes just as one aspect of Japan.

The most fun part of taking the train


The most exciting part of the Ibara Railway is when the car is passing on the Takahashi River between Kawabe-juku Station and Kiyone Station. The bridge is curved and the front window shows the dynamic view by consecutive red steels. Mountains, rivers, and small towns. The Ibara Railway takes you to the countryside of Japan that hasn’t changed since ancient times.

How to visit?

From Tokyo to the Ibara Railway, first you will go to Okayama prefecture about 90 minutes by an airplane. After arriving to Okayama airport, the airport limousine bus takes you to Kurashiki Station in 35 minutes. Kurashiki is also the popular sights for the classical town. Then take the JR Hakubi Line to Kiyone Station for 7 minutes and transfer to the Ibara Railway. The Ibara Railway cannot accept Suica or Icoca (e-money card) but cash only.

Area Information


Hiroshima prefecture is rich in natural beauty and history. It is located in the southwest of Japan's main island, Honshu, facing the Seto Inland Sea and being connected to both Shikoku and Kyushu via bridges. Its most famous symbol today is perhaps the red torii gate floating in front of Miyajima Island which has come to represent Japan. Internationally, Hiroshima city became famous for being one of the only cities in human history to be attacked with an Atomic Bomb during World War Two. This has made the city a symbol of the Japanese post-war effort for international peace. However, to associate the Hiroshima region only with this incident would be to overlook its amazing regional diversity and vital culture.


Okayama prefecture, located in in western Japan in the Chugoku region of Honshu facing the Seto Inland Sea. Okayama is a central point in Japan with easy access to other regions all over Japan with particularly good access to the Kansai region and also a quick trip over the bridge to Shikoku also. Famous spots to visit in Okayama are Okayama Castle and the nearby Korakuen Garden, one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. This extensive and beautiful garden designed and made in the late 15th century has many lawns, hills and mounds, tea houses, streams, ponds and little islands to enjoy on a relaxing day out. The Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter is also a must-visit spot for a taste of old Japan with traditional buildings and atmosphere.

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