The Key To Stress Free Solo-Female Travel Was Not Having To Worry About Luggage!

Published Date Dec 10 2019
Sponsored by JTB Corp., Panasonic Corp. and Yamato Transport Co., Ltd

There are surprisingly many cases where one's travel itinerary goes haywire because of luggage.

You make a number of trips in a year so when you go to Japan you want to go to Tokyo and other cities as well and go around many sight-seeing spots. But walking around with luggage takes up a lot of time. Going to the hotel first to deposit your luggage will prolong your activities.

It's great to finally arrive in Japan but imagine you could hardly sleep on the plane, and changing trains while carrying a lot of luggage leave you unexpectedly exhausted. It's particularly hard for women who tend to bring a lot of clothes and cosmetics, right? Especially during winter when more clothes are essential so their luggage becomes even more bulkier.

rush hour

Japan's public transportation system is very well-developed, you can conveniently go anywhere you want to. However, there are many places where it is difficult to board connecting trains because there are 10 or more lines entering the station. Even Japanese people can get lost. There are train stations where you will have a hard time finding an escalator or elevator. It's really heavy work for one person to carry luggage up and down the stairs especially in the morning. Did you know that Japan's morning rush hour in particular has become a tourist attraction? It peaks at 7:00-8:30 am. Even if you weren't carrying luggage, it's painful to board a train that is packed tight like a sardine can. There are even train lines where the passengers exceed the capacity by more than 200%.

A New Style Of Traveling. We Give You Hands-Free Travel

"Going from place to place took longer than I expected!", because of this your long-awaited sightseeing time is reduced, and you're tearfully resigned to the fact that it has been wasted.

At a time like this, how about having your luggage sent from the airport to the hotel by a simple process? This is different from a coin locker where you deposit your luggage at a specified place. There's no need to return to where you deposited your luggage to get them again. If you can put the things you need for sightseeing in a small bag. and let go of your suitcases at the airport, then you can focus on sightseeing and other local activities.

This kind of service, "LUGGAGE-FREE TRAVEL", was started by 3 companies in 2015, namely: major Japanese travel company JTB, Panasonic which has state-of-the-art technology and Yamato Holdings which has a network that spans the entire Japan.

Female lone travelers have actually used LUGGAGE-FREE TRAVEL to deliver their luggage from major airports to any hotel in Japan, and experienced the comfort offered by this service.

The process can be easily done in 3 steps so anyone can do it, The service has been perfectly-designed. and has even been subjected to risk management of luggage loss, damage and delay. But what about actual user feedback?

I would like users to share their experience regarding its convenience or difficulty of use etc. from their point of view.

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Lone Female Travelers Have Tried LUGGAGE-FREE TRAVEL

In order to experience and compare traveling with luggage and without luggage, they used LUGGAGE-FREE TRAVEL with a distance from a Tokyo hotel to a Kyoto hotel. Apart from that they traveled while carrying their luggage without using any other service.

Situation 1: Used the service and didn't carry any luggage (Tokyo → Kyoto).

Depositing The Luggage At The Tokyo Hotel (Service Reception Desk)

First, she will deposit her luggage at the front desk of the Tokyo hotel. There seemed to be no particular problem with communication, and she completed receiving her luggage smoothly by presenting the QR code.

luggage free

luggage free

To head from Tokyo to Kyoto, now we go to the bullet train!

She will receive her luggage from Tokyo to Kyoto on the following day. So that she doesn't have to carry luggage as she travels, she decided to send her luggage to the Kyoto hotel within the previous day.

She can travel hands-free so it looks like she has time to choose snacks and coffee so she can eat in the train car, buy souvenirs and other activities.

Going Sightseeing From Kyoto Station


Thanks to not having luggage, her time has not been wasted even in placing her stuff in a rented locker, and since there was no need to drop by the hotel first, she could immediately go sightseeing.

On this particular day it was raining so it would have been difficult to walk the slippery streets while holding an umbrella so she said she was able to go around at her leisure with her hands free.

Getting Her Luggage At The Kyoto Hotel

At the point when she presents her passport in order to check-in the Kyoto hotel, she is told that her luggage has already arrived, and it seems that she was able to feel Japanese hospitality.

Situation 2: Traveling While Carrying Luggage (Kyoto → Tokyo)

On the return trip, she dared to not use the service and carried her luggage, for the sake of comparison. She walked around the train station looking for an elevator while dragging her luggage.

with luggage

with luggage

There were many elevators and escalators unexpectedly under construction. At a time like this, she takes a deep breath and climbs the stairs.

bullet train

The bullet train was surprisingly spacious but when she wanted to open the little table and relax, she had to place her luggage in the compartment above. It was quite difficult to lift something heavy over one's head....

Since she was able to experience using our service before, it seems that she came to feel the inconvenience without it all the more.

User Reviews


  • When I deposit and receive my luggage at the hotel, I was able to deal smoothly with the staff in English.

  • I never thought it would be this convenient to not carry luggage at all when I traveled to a different city. Thanks to not being tied to my luggage I had more free time.

  • I was able to accomplish the account registration and booking easily.


  • During account registration, it was hard to figure out that symbols can't be used in the password because it didn't display the details of the error.

  • I want to find out how many days my luggage can be stored before I accept the estimated cost.

  • I want to know how the additional fee is calculated and added to the basic fee based on the distance before I accept the estimated cost.


How was it? It seems that she didn't know that this kind of luggage delivery service existed until she came to Japan but after she actually tried it, she said that there have been no delays, no damages to the luggage, and obviously she was able to easily travel around the area where she availed the service.

If you have no luggage to carry, the time that you need to spend thinking of where to put it, how to travel with it is reduced, and it won't slow you down so you can make more effective use of your time.

In the cities where there are many people, it's difficult to move around. In places where second generation transportation has not been developed, even if you think of using a bicycle or motorcycle, it's still difficult to go around with luggage.

You must definitely use our LUGGAGE-FREE TRAVEL service and experience a new way of traveling!

Knowing this service, this woman who monitored the service seems to have voluntarily used the service from her Kyoto hotel to Narita airport but she said that there was no large sign for the receiving counter of LUGGAGE-FREE TRAVEL at Narita airport so it was hard to find. Our service will keep improving further with this kind of feedback from everyone.

You have to try it. We will keep making it so that everyone who uses it becomes happy!

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