Explore Nakaikemi-Shincchi Wetlands to Discover the Rare Species in Fukui Prefecture

Aug 21 2020
Aug 21 2020

Nakaikemi-Shicchi (Nakaikemi Wetland) is a wetland of 25 hectares and is registered in the Ramsar Convention (Convention on Wetlands). You can discover more than 3000 different species of animals and plants here, among which 60 species are in endangered.

Unique Natural Convention of Watland in Fukui Prefecture

Nakaikemi-Shicchi (Nakaikemi Wetland) locates in the northeast side of Fukui City. Nakaikemi-Shicchi is a wetland of 25 hectares, surrounded by three low mountains. It was a rice field in the past and now is a conservation area. In 2012, Nakaikemi-Schicchi is registered in the Ramsar Convention (Convention on Wetlands) which provide the framework to protect wetlands on a national level. With the limited size of 25 hectares, it is astonishing that there are more than 3,000 species of animals and plants. Therefore, Nakaikemi-Shicchi Wetland becomes an important natural convention to protect rare species.

The Wetland Preserved more than 10,000 years of History.

The underground part of the wetland is composed of peat bed, which is as thick as about 40 meters. The heavy peat bed recorded the climate change which traced back to more than 100,000 years. We can learn the climate change thanks to the soil in wetlands.
Besides, Nakaikemi-Shicchi wetlands have very different scenery in every season. The wetland is filled with lush green plants in Spring. It becomes freshly green in summer, and then all the green leaves turn into a rustic color which gives a sense of the decline of the year with red leaves. Since it snows in Tsuruga city during winter, the wetland is covered by snow.

Two Major Facilities in the Nakaikemi-Shicchi Wetland

1. Visitor Center
There is a permanent exhibition in a visitor center where you can check out how Nakaikemi-Shicchi wetlands looked like in the past. In other words, how global warming and climate change have transformed the wetland.

<Useful tips>: they rent out waterproof boots for tourists to explore in the wetlands. If you do not have your shoes with you, do not forget to rent them in the visitors center when you arrive.

2. Rustic old Tsuruga farmhouse
The Rustic Tsuruga farmhouse was moved from the Tsuruga city to the wetlands and was well-preserved by the locals. The feature of the old farming house is the 100-years-old thatch-covered roof. In addition to the Japanese traditional building style, they exhibit agricultural tools that were used in the past, such as a shovel, small boat used for transport rice or dirt from wetlands, and wooden sandals for farming.

Around 60 Endangered Species are still alive in Nakaikemi-Shicchi Wetland.

Nakaikemi-Shicchi contains more than 3000 various species, among of which, 60 are endangered.

We want to introduce some endangered species that you must try to go and see by yourself.

First, Trapa incisa (himebishi in Japanese) is a type of aquatic plant that grows mainly in Japan, China, and Taiwan. They usually grow around the rice field. Their leaves are in the shape of a rhombus and they have a small pink flower.

Second, Lysimachia barystachys (numatorano-o in Japanese) is a Japanese plant that grows in marshy place. You can usually find them in Nakami-pond. Last, “Hosta sieboldii”( kobakiboushi in Japanese) is a violet flower. The bud looks like Giboshi which is a kind of Japanese ornamental final. They usually grow well by facing the east side where there is a lot of sunshine.

Request for Personal Guide for Your Visit and Information about Opening Hours

If you would like to have a local personal guide for your visit in Nakaikemi-Shicchi wetland, the minimum requirement is to have more than ten people. Since the unique natural environment, we recommend you to have professionals to explain the ecology. You can either fax them or call
Tsuruga City Council for reservation. Here is the number:0770-20-1110.

The opening hours of Nakaikemi-Shicchi wetland is from 9 am to 4:30 pm from March to October and 4 pm from November to February. It usually closed on Monday. They hold free tour guide in the wetlands from 10 am to 12 pm on every second Sunday. You do not need to make a reservation in advance; make sure to arrive 10 minutes before the session starts.
Also, if you drive there by yourself, there is a free parking lot next to it.

Other Activities around the Nakaikemi-Shicchi Wetland: Hiking and Hot Spring.

If you think Nakaikemi-Shicchi Wetland is not enough for your love of nature, we recommend you a place that is not so far from it, and you can also explore different kinds of environment. Ikenokouchi Wetlands is also another natural ecology. You can observe various species of insects by walking around. The one-way distance is about 1 kilometer. This place is also famous for birds breeding and their habitat. It is about 30 minutes’ drive by car.


The other option is Tsuruga Tunnel Hot Spring which is only 10 minutes’ drive from Nakaikemi-Shicchi wetland. There are also many traditional hotels (ryokan) around this area. After exploring the nature, you can enjoy the hot spring and relax.

How to visit?

By public transportation
From Tokyo, take a Shinkansen (Hikari line) to Maibara, and then transfer Shirasage Limiter Express to Tsuruga Station. It takes about 3 hours and a half to arrive at Tsuruga Station from Tokyo.

By car
It takes about 5 hours to drive from Tokyo to Tsuruga Station.

From Tsuruga Station, you can either walk 30 minutes (the distance is about 2kms) to Nakaikeimi Wetlands or take the community bus bound for Nakaikemiguchi Stop. It takes about 10 minutes by Bus. However, the bus schedule changes depending on the days. We recommend you walk to the wetland or arrange a taxi where you stay.Address: 79 Kashimagari, Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture 914-0005
Phone Number: +81-770-20-1110

Nakaikemishicchi Fukui

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