"Sadamisaki" in Ehime shows the beautiful scenic road with the lighthouse

Sep 05 2019

Where is "Sadamisaki"?


If you find Sadamisaki Peninsula on the map, it is hard to forget this unique shape. It is the narrowest peninsula in Japan and stretches 50 km toward Kyushu, the third largest island of Japan. This place is surrounded by several oceans like Seto Inland Sea and Uwa Sea so the area is popular for fishing.

The beautiful contrast of blue ocean and white lighthouse


The white lighthouse stands on the cliff because rock reefs and fast tide made the ocean troublesome. After 100 years since the lighthouse was built, it became the symbol of Sadamisaki. There is the sidewalk to the foot of the lighthouse from the car park. It is about a 20 minute walk and wearing comfortable shoes are recommended. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of mountains and oceans. In addition, you can even find Kyushu in sunshiny days and the sunset view is marvelous.

Amazing driving roads


The road called “Sadamisaki Melody Line” makes easier to drive in Sadamisaki Peninsula. It is more popular in spring because of cherry blossoms. Usually they are in full bloom from the end of March and the beginning of April. You can also enjoy the view of wind power plants. Misaki Port is 15 km away from Sadamisaki and there is a ferry goes to Kyushu.

How to visit?

From Tokyo, it is about 80 minutes to get Matsuyama Airport by an airplane. From Matsuyama Airport, take the airport limousine bus for 90 min to Yawatahama Station. Yawatahama City locates in the beginning of Sadamisaki Peninsula. To go around Sadamisaki Peninsular, both rental cars or rental bikes are recommended.

Address: Shono, Ikata Cho, Nishi-Uwa Gun, Ehime 796-0823

Spot Information

Sadamisaki Cape

Sadamisaki Cape in Ehime Prefecture is the westernmost spot on Shikoku Island. It is a scenic spot on the Sadamisaki peninsula from which you can see as far as Kyushu on clear days. Those who venture to this remote location, by car and hiking, are rewarded with a beautiful view of the cape's lighthouse in front of the sea.

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