Rent A Car: Explore Some Of Japan’s Untapped Destinations. There Are Some Places You Can Only Go With A Car.

Dec 17 2019
Nov 26 2020


When we talk about traveling to Japan, the most popular destinations are standard tourist spots like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Mount Fuji. However, were you aware that recently there has been an increase in tourism to the regional areas of Japan? In 2017, close to 60% of visitors to Japan went to the various regions to enjoy the natural scenery. The appeal of Japan’s regional areas has gradually become more known to many around the world.

But of course, if this is your first visit to Japan, we certainly recommend that you enjoy yourself at the popular and standard tourist spots. However, if you have plans to stay for a few weeks, after visiting the more popular destinations, perhaps you might like to stretch your legs out and experience the charms and appeals of Japan’s regions? Discovering parts of the country where tourists have not yet explored would be a delightful highlight of your visit.

This article will introduce readers to the pleasures of traveling by car, recommended driving routes, and the many conveniences of using TOYOTA Rent a Car, operated by Toyota, one of the most prominent automobile manufacturers in the world! If you understand the advantages of traveling by rental car, but are worried about driving in Japan, or are concerned about the hassle of arranging for a rental car, this article is for you!

3 Advantages Of Traveling By Car

1. Save time and money
2. Flexibility and adaptability
3. You can visit places only accessible by car


1. Save time and money

Have you ever heard of the Gujo Hachiman Castle in Gifu Prefecture, also known as the “castle in the sky”?

Gujo Hachimanjo Castle Gifu

Gujo Hachiman Castle is Japan’s oldest wooden castle, it is a place where visitors can see ancient town buildings typical of old Japan, beautiful autumn leaves, and a sea of clouds above the mountains. In recent years it has become quite a popular attraction for visitors to Japan, but do you know how to get there? There are a variety of methods to get there, including trains, buses, taxis, and rental cars. However, there are a limited number of available trains and buses, and it can be hard at times to catch a taxi at the station. Secondary methods of transportation from hubs such as airports and train stations can be a cause havoc with travel plans. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method, so we check out the graph below and compare and consider your options.

public transportation

Public transportation comparison chart

In the case of trains or buses, the advantage is that you would be able to keep your transportation costs low. However, due to the limited number of each available, you will need to adjust your schedule accordingly. On the other hand, by taking a taxi, you will be able to ride directly to your destination, albeit at a high cost. By using a rental car, you can not only keep your costs low, but also have the luxury to relax without worrying about changing trains or buses.

2. Flexibility and adaptability

When traveling by train or bus, you would need to walk further from the nearest station or stop, or perhaps travel further by taxi. But with a rental car, the obvious appeal is that you can travel directly to your destination. You can also take breaks to rest or use the restrooms at your leisure, and by storing your luggage in the car, you can travel light while sightseeing.

3. You can visit places only accessible by car


Chirihama Nagisa Driveway

For example, the Chirihama Nagisa Driveway in Ishikawa Prefecture is the only sandy beach in Japan that allows cars to drive upon it. Since driving on the sand is allowed year-round, it’s an all-season activity. Moreover, the country is putting great effort in providing “roadside stations” which are gaining notice as rest areas accessible only with vehicles. There are plenty of other places to see and experience that are available only through the use of a rental car.

The Advantages Of TOYOTA Rent a Car

1. The largest selection of outlets in Japan, all across the nation
2. Drivers get access to highly trustworthy Toyota cars
3. Easy to access, and English-language services for foreign visitors

toyota rent a car

1. The largest selection of outlets in Japan, all across the nation

• The largest selection of outlets in Japan: with 1,200 rental outlets throughout Japan, it is the No.1 industry leader
• Each rental outlet provides convenient accessibility, through locations near train stations and airports
*Some rental outlets offer pick-up and drop-off bus services to and from the airport.

toyota rent a car
toyota rent a car
toyota rent a car

2. Drivers get access to highly trustworthy Toyota cars

• A wide selection of cars and automobile categories
• Customers can select a specific type of car when booking a reservation (additional fees apply)

toyota sapporo

Sapporo station in Hokkaido

toyota tottori

Tottori station in Tottori

toyota hiroshima

Hiroshima station in Hiroshima

3. Easy to access, and English-language services for foreign visitors

An easy-to-read website with simple instructions

toyota rent a car website

Booking an online reservation is an easy and intuitive process, and can be made without any stress or hassle.
Information about issues that may concern customers, such as insurance or cancellation policies, are all listed in one place, so you can rest assured.

All you need are the following 3 documents!

toyota rent a car

  • International Driving Permit or foreign driver’s license *for information on required passports, click here
  • Passport
  • Credit card

The security of English-language services (staff will be able to provide guidance on the basic steps in 4 different languages)

toyota inbound explanation

Explanation of Important Items

Website includes a fully-featured English-language page

  • English-language telephone operators available
  • Rental outlets have information available in English (such as price lists) *Some outlets have translation devices available

Multilingual Car Navigation Systems

English, Chinese, and Korean language navigation systems available (not available with some car models)

Flight Delay

By registering your flight information when you book your reservation, the staff will be aware if your flight is delayed, saving you any worry or need to hurry.

Rental Procedure

You Should Make Sure You Know This! Japanese Traffic Laws

To Book A Reservation

From 8:00 - 20:00 local time (7 days a week)
0800-7000-815 \*Toll-freewithin Japan
  • Contact any rental outlet

For more information, check this website


  • Customers are asked to return their rental car with a full tank of gasoline, but can also choose to be billed for a fillup.
  • When accessing Japanese freeways, there is a freeway toll. You can choose to rent an ETC card which makes paying for tolls convenient. *For more information about ETC cards, click here.
  • Customers can return their vehicle to a different rental outlet than the one they rented from. *However, if returning your vehicle to an outlet in a different prefecture, an additional fee will be charged.

Check Here For Recommended Routes!

If you would like to explore the country regions of Japan, WOW U can confidently introduce you to some recommended travel routes. We hope you will discover a part of Japan you had never known about before.

Akita Prefecture

Trip with a Rent a Car in Yokote city: A day to fully enjoy manga and sake
Trip with a Rent a Car: A hidden gem! Visit a honey shop recommended by locals
Trip with a Rent a Car in Akita pref: Feel the tradition of lacquerware crafts and the nature of Oyasukyo
Trip with a Rent a Car in Oga city: Experience tradition firsthand by seeing the famous Namahage
Trip with a Rent a Car in Semboku city: Skiing followed by onsen

Aomori Prefecture

Trip with a Rent a Car in Aomori pref: Enjoy the beautiful scenery from a ropeway followed by a visit to a famous onsen
Trip with a Rent a Car in Hachinohe city: Try all kinds of local rice wine
Trip with a Rent a Car in Aomori Pref: Enjoy gourmet foods and Neputa, an important intangible folk cultural property
Trip with a Rent a Car in Hirosaki city: Taste and compare different kinds of specialty apples
Trip with a Rent a Car in Aomori city: A tour the whole family can enjoy, complete with visits to an aquarium and an art museum

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