Takefu Chrysanthemum Doll Festival



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Fri, Oct 04, 09:00 - Mon, Nov 04, 17:00


2-7 Takase, Echizen City, Fukui

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Carried out in Fukui prefecture from the beginning of October through to the beginning of November, The Takefu Chrysanthemum Doll Festival is a unique Japanese festival that you probably won't find anywhere else! The Japanese name of the festival is Takefu Kiku Ningyo. Kiku is the name for the Chrysanthemum flower in Japanese, and Ningyo means doll.
With the venue being the Takefu Central Park, look forward to being able to enjoy a nice stroll around the park, surrounded by thousands of these beautifully colored flowers, which are arranged into various shapes and styles, to become the decorations for the traditional Japanese dolls spread around the park. Many dolls bare traditional Japanese dress, reconstructed with the flowers with a mix of vibrant colors.
The event lasts for a month so be sure to check out this unique Japanese festival during your stay in Japan!

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1.5 hour(s)


Art & Architecture Entertainment Food & Drink


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2-7 Takase, Echizen City, Fukui