I was born to take care of your trip in Japan !

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  • Area: Nikko
  • Language: Japanese English


Hi, everybody. Greetings through WOW U-mediator. I'm Takeshi Shishiba. People call me "Take", both [take] and [taik] OK. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan where still live. After graduating from university, I worked for travel agency for 25 years in which I learned general know-how-of-tourism. So my best asset in my life is tens of thousands of experiences traveling with clients all across the world. That's why I changed my professional from tourism to hire driver dedicated to inbound travelers to Japan. Now I'm independent tour guide. Unlike other guides, I take my clients to poplar sightseeing spots by private cars. My tour service accompanies vehicle service. That makes my tour eco-friendly. I'm really excited to join WOW U as a mediator. Because the main principal of WOW U "Sending my message to the world " is eye-opener for me. And I couldn't agree with them more. One of my goal as mediator is to stay at a top runner of local tour supplier for international tourists. Please expect and book for the tours I offer. I never let you down. I promise it.