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【As Bilingual JPN Forest Therapist】 Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, originated in Japan. Shinrin-yoku is important in a society in which digital technologies such as IOT, AI, 5G, and blockchain are developing very rapidly. In an artificial urban environment, office workers are exposed to stressors at the workplace, which eventually cause mental health issues or other ailments. Prevention of diseases is important. Researchers have established several health benefits of forest bathing. You can restore mental and physical health which is weakened by accumulating stress at the workplace. Although cutting-edge technologies develop rapidly, it is humans who use such technologies. Your creativity is important when you think about how to use new technologies, and sensibility is vital in doing so. I will help you activate your five senses in the forest, which will lead to the development of your sensibility. My hometown, Toyama prefecture, boasts the mountain resort called Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, which attracts nearly 1 million tourists annually from inside and outside of the country. Since feudal ages, Mt. Tateyama has been one of the three sacred mountains in Japan along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Hakusan. The Mt. Tateyama religion, one type of mountain worship, was developed here. Since ancient times, Japanese people have felt the existence of gods, deities, and holy spirits in various objects in nature, such as mountains, trees, rocks, and streams. Forest bathing reminds us of such memories of our ancestors. I am also a Toyama Prefecture Licensed Guide Interpreter. Pharmaceutical industries began to develop in Toyama over 300 years ago. Use of oriental herbs developed with Chinese medicine. Toyama is rich in nature, history, tradition, culture, and delicious foods. Medicinal cuisine which uses oriental herbs has also been developed. Along with such sightseeing resources, I would like to enhance holistic health which encompasses mind, body, and soul through forest bathing.


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