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Born & grown up in Tokyo city central Expertized in Tokyo City guides Outdoor activity oriented, especially for snow skiing, mountain hiking, etc. Well experienced FITs, Group tours, and courtesy for VIP guests Having Good skill and knowledge for various sightseeing spots in Toyama Pref., through 4 years experience as a concierge for Toyama tourism

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I enjoyed every part of this tour, but the most fascinating scenes were where the craftsman burnt the surface of the mold to remove dust, and a tin cup appeared out of the broken mold later. The guide Ultraman 62 san explained about the history of the town and every step of the tin cup making, so I could easily understand what was going on. This tour made me want to visit the town and make a tin cup myself someday!!


It was interesting to walk through a quiet local residential area with Ultraman, and to see him trying a tin sake cup making at a craft local workshop. I have been to Takaoka city and enjoyed seeing lots of metal artworks on the streets. I was happy to revisit the city online. Thank you for sharing such a nice experience.