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See What "Omotenashi" Souvenirs Japan Has to Offer I am Ann, and I live in Tokyo. Japan has a variety of amazing "omotenashi" items to offer ranging from kimono (traditional Japanese garments), byobu folding screens, to Cloisonné, and the list goes on and on. I will introduce some of the most popular and beautiful souvenirs from Japan along with tidbits of information of Japanese culture and customs. We have “omotenashi” or unique Japanese hospitality based on the idea of “ichigo-ichie (meaning each encounter is a precious once-in-a-lifetime opportunity), which also underlies the tea ceremony. This may be one of the reasons why we have so many great souvenir options for you to choose from to induce “wow” from your special somebody.

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Ann's presentation was very enjoyable with a variety of good pictures. She has a good sense of making effective layout of PPT pages. Her tender voice also conveys her customer-friendly care in all the details. Definitely this tour becomes a good souvenir showcase for the tourists who come to Japan for the first time.


Ann san,
Souvenir shops you recommend must be very attractive to tourists who are interested in traditional Japanese arts,
Your explanatios along with each item are very informative and very helpful to understand Japanese culture.
I really enjoyed your tour,
Thank you!


Her presentation was very informative about Japanese arts.
It is very helpful when shopping for souvenirs.
Ann-san, thank you so much for your Omotenashi hospitality.


I was so impressed by her recommended items. All items are perfect not only as souvenirs but also as things to know Japanese culture and history. I want to know more items selected by her. Her fluent narration is also attractive. I recommend this tour for those who want to get nice souvenirs with interesting stories of Japan.


I enjoyed this tour very much and it was very informative. The tour describes traditional Japanese craft souvenirs with good explanation of history and background. The photos of items are very beautiful and motion picture was interesting. The tour is good for those looking for traditional Japanese craft items as souvenirs. Those shops introduced have English web sites and some of the items seem to be shipped overseas.