I am very open minded and fun to talk with. I am wine sommelier and I can introduce you to the best match of Japanese Food and wine.

日本語, 英語, スペイン語
歴史, お酒, 伝統文化, 自然・景観, アウトドア・スポーツ, グルメ, 技術(家電・AI・VRなど), 料理
About Mediator
First of all, "WELCOME to JAPAN", "BIENVENIDOS a JAPON". My name is Toshihiko Nakahara.("Toshi" for short) I used to live in USA, Mexico, Venezuela and Ecuador for more than 18 years in total. I am a Japanese Government Certified Tour Guide for English and Spanish. I guide not only so called "must -go" places, but to the places where you can enjoy Japanese culture and history. I am a Wine and Sake sommelier and I love introducing our guest Japanese Food and also paring with Wine and Sake. I also like studying about Japanese Sword. I do on AirBnB platform, the online experience about Japanese Sword called "The entrance to the world of Japanese Sword" under "Arts and Writing" section.

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Customer Reviews


Thank you for your kind and precise story about swords.
I truly recommend your tour to all visitors who are interested in KATANA making.


I enjoyed your tour very much.
I had a tour which included Japan sword making experience before. This tour gave me much more information than that I studied and got before the tour,
I learn a lot such as the kinds of swords. Yakiire process. Hamon and so on,
I really recommend this tour,
Thank you, Mr Naka san


It was so interesting session. He taught me a lot about Japanese sward. Thank you.


It was a wonderful lecture on the Japanese swords, an iconic image of the Samurai. I learned a lot about how Japanese swords are made, and there are many different names for Japanese swords, such as"Tachi" "Katane" and "Wakizashi", which were used in different periods and uses. Thank you very much, Mr Nakahara.


Informative and enjoyable. Thank you so much!