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歴史, お酒, アウトドア・スポーツ, グルメ, ハンドメイド
Ramen, Unagi, Sushi
Indonesia, Guam Saipan, Philippines, Japan, USA
About Mediator
Japanese sake lover will guide you around Kansai area! Hello. My name is Kingo and I am a certified international sake adviser. I love to visit an individual sake brewery around Kansai area. My lifework is to find the best of the best Japanese sakes by tasting the various locally brewed sakes together with the provincial superb Japanese cuisine every time I visit a new place in Kansai area. Let us enjoy the delicious Japanese sake with a Japanese cuisine together, and explore the hidden sightseeing spots. I look forward to seeing you here in Kansai, Japan.

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  • After 30 years overseas experience, here I am in Kyoto!!

    2018 - 03

    Born in Tokyo in 1967, raised in Saitama Prefecture. I dropped out of college after one year and moved to the United States to enroll at the University of South Alabama. I majored in tourism. During my study in US, I visited Latin American countries and became interested in Latin American music and ancient history. After graduating from university in 1993, I got a first job at a travel agency in Tokyo. Two years later, I moved to a hotel industry in the Philippines. For about 15 years until 2011, I have worked in the field of hotel sales & marketing departments at foreign-affiliated hotels in various countries. Engaged in a wide variety of corporate sales, MICE-related, group customer business attendance, at the hotels. For seven years from 2011, I engaged in risk management job in charge of the Japanese corporate division at one of the world largest US insurance broker companies. In 2018, I moved back to Japan with my family and stated living in to Kyoto where we all have wanted to live.

    After returning to Japan, I obtained the national license of "General Travel Service Supervisor", "National Licensed Guide Interpreter", and "International Sake Master". In December 2018, I registered myself as a tour guide under sole proprietorship, doing business as "Global Kyoto". I decided to start studying Japanese history, traditional crafts, and Japanese sake, which I was always asked by foreigners when I lived abroad. I decided to promote "Sake Tourism" which introduce the world dissemination of Japanese sake, provincial sightseeing spots together with the local Japanese cuisines.
    My life work is to purse to find the best sake by visiting the local town in Kansai area.