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National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
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Music, Sake, Traditional Culture, Fashion, Gourmet, Cooking, Movies
About Mediator
What do you want to do? What do you want to eat? What do you want to buy ? I will help you! My name is Aiko Sato. I'm a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in Japan. My guiding philosophy is serving you by putting your happiness and satisfaction first. I put an emphasis on the flexibility when making your guiding plan. Please feel free to contact me! I'm looking forward to having a trip with you.

Aiko's Tours



Aiko-san is an excellent tour guide. She is not just well versed in Japanese culture and local attractions, but she knows how to make people feel at ease.
She is friendly and approachable.
You will probably know what "omotenashi" or Japanese hospitality is like by traveling with her.


Customer Reviews


It was fun to virtually visit tourist attractions near the Olympic and Paralympic Village with Aiko.
This tour gave me a good picture of the area, making me feel like to actually visit it after the pandemic.
I recommend this tour to those who are curious about the neighborhood and also to those who want a good distraction, as everything proceeds in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


The tour was enjoyable with interesting motion pictures which have good narration, animation and music. We can visit a few places which are close to Olympic athletes' village. I enjoyed Toyosu Fish Market most with the video of Aiko san eating sushi and bowl of seafood. Thank you, Aiko san, for interesting and enjoyable tour!