NARA lover, lived in Germany and Italy about 12years.

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  • Area: Nara
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Come and enjoy Nara, which was the first full-scale capital of Japan before Kyoto became its capital in 794. I lived in Germany for ten years and then spent two years in Italy with my family while I was working for an electric company. I have been a member of Hyogo World Youth for more than ten years; it was founded in 1968 and is a private-sector non-profit organization for international friendship based in Kobe. Therefore you may have a chance to join several events organized by Hyogo World Youth such as the "burning of New Year's gate decorations,” which is one of Japan's traditional customs, and hiking on Mt. Rokko. In addition, you may have the opportunity of experiencing a home visit at my home in Nara. Even though I was born and raised in Kobe, I have been living in Nara for more than 30 years and have become a Nara lover. I am now enjoying exploring the culture and nature of Nara. I would like to invite you to explore Japan older than Kyoto with me, which will lead you to understand Japan more deeply. We can also go by car so you can visit more sightseeing spots than going by public transportation.