I live in the countryside of the Noto Peninsula. I'm a simple man: I'm a foodie, and my hobby is working on cars in machinery shops.

音楽 自然・景観 アウトドア・スポーツ グルメ 技術(家電・AI・VRなど) 建築 映画
  • エリア: 石川
  • 言語: 英語


I am the chairman of the Ishikawa Cycling Federation, so I can take care of bicycles. I am engaged in manufacturing machinery and my hobby is also about cars. I usually guide a few to about 10 customers on the job. I also plan and run bicycle events, so I would like to continue my activities so that foreigners can participate. I think that there is no problem with communication because I have been doing such activities. Also, since I have been continuing my English lessons for about two years, I think there is no problem in communicating in English conversation in general.