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  • Area: Osaka
  • Language: Japanese English


Hi guests! I'm Rioco. Tired of crowds at typical tourist spots? No more iconic landmarks you find in every guidebook? Okay, let me accommodate your wish! Not only Osaka Castle and the shopping and eating districts of Dotonbori or Shinsekai are musts for visitors in Osaka prefecture. For instance, how would you like a tour in Sakai? Located next to Osaka City, it's known for tea ceremony, crafts, and enormous burial mounds that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spiritual spots, traditional arts, street foods, everyday life of locals... You can experience a lot in half a day. If you are interested in Japanese classical entertainment like bunraku puppets or rakugo comic storytelling (English version available), I can arrange a small stage by professional performers (for a group of 10 or more). Options can be added according to your preferences. Please visit Osaka. Feel vivid Osaka♡