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National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
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  • Area: Wakayama
  • Language: English Japanese


We, WAK-Guide, are a group of licensed tour guides who specialize in the Wakayama area of Japan. Located just south of Osaka, Wakayama is home to many well-known destinations, including the world-famous Koyasan (a religious town) and Kumano Kodo (an ancient pilgrimage route). We will show you what Wakayama has to offer, not only the history of the area, but local food you can't miss, Japanese traditions, and the everyday life of local people. We were all born and raised in the area, therefore we are certain that we can explain things from local perspectives in a way you'd never find on your own. Let us keep you company while you stay in Wakayama, and most importantly, let's have a good time together!!