Fun-loving Tokyoite

English, Japanese
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
Likes and interests
Animals, Cooking, Art and Architecture, Gourmet, Outdoor・Sports, Nature・Scenery, Traditional Culture, History
About Mediator
Hi, I'm Yumi. I'm a government-certified tour guide, born and grew up in Tokyo. I am a sociable person and love to meet and talk with people with different cultural backgrounds. I think the greatest charm of Tokyo is that the old and the new coexist with each other. In my virtual tours I would like to take you to fascinating places such as the Lucky Cat Temple with countless beckoning cats, a park which boasts a wide variety of relocated and restored old Japanese buildings that make you feel as if you went back in time, or a fashionable shopping street lined with unique modern buildings designed by world-famous Japanese architects, etc. Now, let’s start your adventure with me and enjoy Tokyo to the fullest!

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Customer Reviews


The area was so quiet and beautiful, with an old Shinto shrine and historical places. It was fun to follow our guide; Yumi took a city tram on tour. Thank you, Yumi san, for a wonderful tour.


On a rainy day, the guide, Yumi, probably had a hard time operating the tour with an umbrella and a camera at once. But she was always smiling and showing the interesting part of the open-air museum. Thank you so much for your hard work. However, the camera image was constantly shaking and unstable. It might be an idea that she takes a video shot beforehand and use it for guiding, just in case of bad weather. Thanks!