I provide you a special experience. You can have good memories in Japan, it's my pleasure.

英語, 日本語
料理, 技術(家電・AI・VRなど), グルメ, 伝統文化, 歴史, 音楽
Sushi, Sukiyaki, Takoyaki
About Mediator
Let's enjoy Japanese culture and nature together! My name is Toshiya Yamada. I work as a computer system administrator in a hospital. I would like to introduce Japanese culture and nature to travelers. In Japan, there are many cultural facilities such as historical temples and shrines in places like Kyoto and Nara. Even so, it is difficult for tourists to understand the historical background in such a short time. I can easily explain its historical background. Japan also has a lot of nature near cities, such as mountains and rivers. Even so, it is difficult to experience the wonders of travelers in a short time. I can help you with that experience. I hope that travelers who are interested in Japan will return home with many good memories. If you have good memories in Japan, it will be my pleasure.


  • Become an administrator of a hospital's computer department.

    2011 - 04

    I became the administrator of the hospital's computer department.
    I had several opportunities to interact with international students from overseas there.

  • Become a guide for foreigners.

    2018 - 11

    I started working as a guide for foreigners using other guide matching services. Many guests thanked me for my guide. I was very grad at that time. I found this job fun and rewarding. However, due to the corona epidemic, this work has been suspended.

  • Become a guide for foreigners again!

    2022 - 10

    I have newly registered for the guide matching service WOW U. I am very looking forward to meeting many guests.