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  • Area: Kochi
  • Language: Japanese English


Have you ever heard of the Shikoku pilgrimage? Shikoku is one the four major islands of Japan and is located in the southwest. It still retains much of its traditional culture. The Shikoku pilgrimage of 88 temples is one major tradition there. People have been making the pilgrimage to these temples for 1,200 years. Though its origin is in Buddhism, nowadays many people make a pilgrimage to these temples to enjoy being in nature, walking, traveling, or otherwise. Hi, I'm Tomoko. I live in Kochi Prefecture, which occupies roughly the southern half of Shikoku. The region is blessed with a variety of local food and rich nature, such as beautiful beaches, mountains, pristine rivers, and fresh air. I myself have been on this pilgrimage several times, and I head the Kochi chapter of an NPO called Network for Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage and Hospitality. I'm happy to help you experience the truly traditional culture of Kochi and Shikoku.