• Nagoya


    Castle Freak, Professional Railway Worker/Enthusiast Tour Guide

    Since I completely retired from my position at a railway company and started being involved in th...

  • Yokohama


    Historical Edo city lover

    Hi, I am Hori. I had been living in Tokyo and Yokohama more than thirty years together with ten ...

  • Mizu

    Expert of all Kyushu with a lot of networks with local communities

    I am Mizuho Mizutani, please call me “Mizu” that means "water" in Japanese. I have worked as Nati...

  • Shiga


    I was born and raised in Kyoto, In a sense, I am a Kyoto expert. As for Ninja, now I live in Shiga pref. which has ninja village in the east. I do want introduce this special place

    I am a government-certified tour guide who has more than 8 year experience. I had many great fee...

  • Tokyo City


    I love pleasing people.

    See What "Omotenashi" Souvenirs Japan Has to Offer I am Ann, and I live in Tokyo. Japan has...


    Specialist in Nara, history, kimono, food, and sake!

    Hi! My name is Kachiko Sato. Just call me SATO_san. Sugar is called "sato" in Japanese, so I’m ...

  • Mitchy

    Kyushu Lover

    Hello, I am Michiko Ichihara. Please call me MITCHY. I have worked as a national-licensed tour gu...

  • Nara



    Hello, I'm Miyuki Okanishi. I live in Nara, an old capital of Japan, 40km south from Kyoto. As a...

  • Hiroshima


    We’re Hiroshima Locals!!

    We’re Hiroshima Locals!! Aren’t you interested in Japanese real life? How are Hiroshima locals ...

  • Tokyo City



    日本全国・地産伝承「いき物語」の公式アカウントです。 日本の地方には、多くの人には知られていないけれど、並々ならぬ情熱・こだわりを持って提供されている食材、伝統工芸などが数多く存在します。それ...