• Hokkaido


    Love Hokkaido, Love Art, and Love Elmo!

    Hi, I'm Yukihiko, but that may be difficult to pronounce, so call me Hubert. This is my nickname ...

  • Okayama


    Okayama Lover

    Hello! I'm Hiroshi, a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter. I was born and raised in Ok...

  • Okayama



    After retiring from being a high school teacher, I began to work as a tour guide. I have showed...

  • Kanagawa


    knowledgeable, Thoughtful, Friendly guide

    Hello, I am Toshi, a local tour guide in Tokyo and the surrounding area. Tokyo is an attractive ...

  • Wakayama


    Kansai lover

    I was born in Osaka, and now I live in Wakayama Prefecture. I have visited more than 1,000 sight...

  • Nagoya


    Music Lover

    Hi! I’m Mana. I’m an undergraduate student majoring media studies. I love visiting posh and char...

  • Nagoya


    YOSAKOI dancer

    Hello everyone! My name is Yuta. Please call me Yuta! I'm 22 years old and I belong to a yosak...

  • Kochi


    Kochi Lover

    Have you ever heard of the Shikoku pilgrimage? Shikoku is one the four major islands of Japan an...

  • Wakayama


    Have fun together!

    We, WAK-Guide, are a group of licensed tour guides who specialize in the Wakayama area of Japan. ...

  • Kagawa


    Making People Happy, Food Lover,

    Hello. I am Mari, and I lived in the US for 17 years from 2000 working as an English tour guide, ...