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150 professional guides from all over the country have come together to help travelers enjoy their time in Japan.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to go sightseeing, so we have designed three kinds of experiences to help travelers enjoy Japanese culture: Online Live Tours, Online Teaser Trips, and In-person Events. Through even just one of these experiences, you’re sure to make unforgettable memories.

About omotenashi online trip

Online Live Tours

While the current situation makes it difficult to do any firsthand sightseeing, professional guides will make sure you have a chance to experience the “real” Japan. In the Online Live Tours, local guides will do live streams to show you around Japan as it is right now. They will bring you virtually to major sightseeing spots, of course, but also minor areas and places that tourists might not think to visit.

Online Teaser Trips

Using photos and videos they have taken themselves, guides will use an online platform to share the experiences they have amassed during their travels around Japan. In the Online Teaser Trips, guides will introduce and dig deep into sightseeing spots, Japanese culture, and tours they have experienced firsthand. The Online Teaser Trips are interactive, so you can communicate with the guide and ask questions at any time.

Online Tour

There are two purchase options available.

Individual Purchases

Average ¥2,289/ time

In this option, you can choose just the trips, tours, and events that you’re interested in and that fit your schedule. If you’re a busy person, this is the plan for you.

Unlimited Passes

¥11,000/ term

With the purchase of an Unlimited Pass, you can participate in as many online tours and trips as you’d like during the entire period (July 15 through September 14). A great deal for anyone who wants to participate in more than 5 online experiences!

Frequently asked questions

Omotenashi Online Trip is an online platform that matches travelers and guides. Travelers can search for experiences and events that fit their interests and make reservations to participate.

There are three types of content:

1) Online Experiences: Online Teaser Trips
Using videos and photos, guides will introduce Japanese sightseeing spots and provide in-depth information about Japan. The guides will introduce places they have actually been to, so they can offer real stories about their experiences for you to enjoy. During the online teaser trips, the guides will present online from their own homes.

2) Online Experiences: Online Live Tours
Guides will go directly to sightseeing spots and shops and introduce them via live streaming. The tours are online, but participants will be able to experience sightseeing areas in real time. Participants will also be able to interact directly with the guides during the tours, making for an experience that feels like you’re really there.

3) In-person Events
Specialists in Japanese culture will make visits to partnered hotels to hold in-person events together with participants. Please go directly to the hotel where an event will take place in order to apply to participate. Details about what kind of events are being offered can be found on this website.

The guides in charge of these experiences and events are nationally-licensed, professional guides from areas all over Japan.

User registration is required to participate in all online experiences and in-person events.

There are two options available: individual purchases and unlimited passes. The individual purchase option allows you to pay for and participate in any particular experience or event. Purchase of the unlimited pass option allows you to participate in as many online experiences as you wish during the designated period (July 15 through September 14). Purchase of the unlimited pass option does NOT include in-person events.

Payments can be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

Reservations cannot be made by phone or email. Please make reservations for Online Teaser Trips and Online Live Tours on this website. Reservations for online experiences can be made up until one hour before the start time. However, if an Teaser Trip or Online Live Tour does not have any reservations by 12 hours before the start time, it will be automatically cancelled and reservation will no longer be possible. To make a reservation for an In-person Event, please contact the hotel where the event will take place directly.

To make changes to a reservation for an Online Teaser Trip or Online Live Tour, please contact the guide directly.To cancel a reservation for an Online Teaser Trip or an Online Live Tour, please use the “”cancel”" button. In the event you wish to cancel your reservation, please do so at least 12 hours before the start time. The cancellation policy for In-Person Events will be decided by the hotel where each event will take place. Please contact the hotel directly for more information.

The cancellation fee for Online Teaser Trips and Online Live Tours is 100%. No refunds will be given regardless of the timing of cancellation.The cancellation fee for an In-person Event will be decided by the hotel at which it is hosted. Please contact the hotel directly for more information.

The unlimited pass option cannot be cancelled after purchase.

After a purchase has been completed, your guide will send the details of the tour to your email address. After that, you may contact your guide freely by email. The guides cannot be contacted by email before a purchase has been made. However, by pressing the ""Request a tour"" button on the tour page, you can use the chat system to contact the guide.

Please check the following link for details about system requirements:

With the mission of “”bringing together people who would not otherwise be able to meet and creating a world full of WOWs,“” EXest, Inc. develops services for visitors to Japan from abroad.
At EXest, we aim to create a platform where travelers can meet unique local guides and, through the experiences they have together, make that “”world full of WOWs”" a reality.
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