Amagase Dam

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Amagase Dam in Uji City, Kyoto, is a dam in the shape of an arch, 73 meters tall and 254 meters long. Its shape resembles that of a bird with its wings spread, leading the dam lake to be called Hooko, literally "phoenix lake." The dam is surrounded by abundant nature; cherry blossoms, greenery, and autumn colors, there is scenery to enjoy in each of the four seasons, and the spot has also become a popular hiking course. Also, the Ujigawa River basin, where Amagase Dam is located, has prospered as a social, economic, and cultural base for Kyoto and the Kinki region, and its surroundings include places such as World Heritage Sites Byodo-in Temple and Ujigami Jinja Shrine. When taking a stroll in the area around Amagase Dam, visitors are sure to be able to feel not just nature, but the history of Kyoto and Uji as well.

1.5 Hours
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15 Kanaido, Uji, Uji_City, Kyoto
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January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
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Monday・Tuesday・Wednesday・Thursday・Friday・Saturday・Sunday : 08:00~17:00

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