Hoshitoge Terraced Rice Paddies

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Niigata prefecture is famous for its rice and in the city of Tokamachi, there are lots of terraced rice paddies dotted around making for quite the beautiful rural scenery. However, among the many terraced rice paddies, the most famous one of Tokamachi is the Hoshitoge terraced rice paddies. With its lush green color in the summer and beautiful white snow in the winter, it’s seasonal beauty attracts many visitors. With the morning haze, sunset and beautiful starry skies, Hoshitoge’s beauty changes throughout the day, making it one of those places you want to keep revisiting. Also, if you come at the right timing you might even be able to see one of the rice paddies rising out from a sea of clouds! Clouds are particularly common during the end of June and the early mornings of September for those who want to catch that rare sight. 
The rice paddies are particularly popular however in early Spring and late Autumn when visitors go to see the “water mirror”. The “water mirror” is a phenomenon where the still water in the rice paddies creates a reflective mirror effect with its surface. The Spring “water mirror” time frame is from the snow melting up until June and then the Autumn time frame is up until the latter part of October when the snow begins to fall again. 
【Notice for those who visit the rice paddies】 
The rice paddy areas are not tourist sightseeing spots. The paddies are important (and privately owned) farmland for farmers to make rice. When you visit these rice paddy areas, make sure to strictly adhere to the rules and not enter any farmland or areas roped off, and to park your car in the designated spots, and take any rubbish home with you. 

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Postal code
Toge, Tokamachi City, Niigata
新潟県十日町市峠 星峠の棚田
Recommended season
June, October, November, April, May

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