Jomonsugi Tree

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The Yakushima cedar is a species of tree that grows naturally on the mountainous areas of Yakushima Island, and many of these trees are over 1,000 years old. Of the Yakushima cedar on the island, Jomonsugi Tree is the largest. The actual age of the tree is debated, estimations ranging from 2,000 to 7,200 years old. The best view of Jomonsugi Tree is arguably from the observation deck that lies about 15 meters in front of the tree. Touching the tree is not allowed, but the size, rough bark, and mysterious aura of the tree are sure to mesmerize any viewer.

*When climbing the mountain, make sure to submit a climber registration form. Climber registration forms can be submitted at any of the following locations: Yakushima Island Police Station, Yakushima Town Hall, any police boxes on the island, the airport, tourist information centers near the port, on board boats, World Nature Heritage Center, Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Center, the start of each mountain climbing trail (Arakawa, Yodogawa, Shiratani Unsuikyo), and lodging facilities.
*In order to reduce the environmental burden and alleviate congestion, general vehicle access to the main route (Arakawa Line) for climbing the Jomon Cedar Mountain is restricted during the following period every year: March 1 through November 30.

10.0 hours
Telephone Number
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Yakaushima-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima
鹿児島県熊毛郡屋久島町 縄文杉

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