Kanotoiwa Rock

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Kanotoiwa Rock in Hinohara-mura is an enormous rock with total length of 60 meters that has been designated as a natural monument of Tokyo. Surrounded by rich nature, the river flowing between the steep rock faces creates a mysterious space of canyon scenery that doesn't at all feel like it lies within the Tokyo metropolis. The entrance to Kanotoiwa Rock is located about a ten-minute walk from a campsite called Lodge Kanotoiwa, and just ahead is a moss-covered bridge and a gloomy, cave-like tunnel. In places, hikers even have to hold on to a chain in order to move along the rocky path, creating a feeling of thrilling adventure visitors are sure to enjoy. The path is quite narrow and the ground is often wet, though, so when visiting make sure to bring shoes that grip well and are easy to walk in.

Photograph provided by Hinohara Mura Tourism Association

1.0 Hour
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Hinohara, Nishitama District, Tokyo
東京都西多摩郡檜原村 神戸岩
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March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

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