Kasa no Tsuyu

Onsen(Hot Springs)
Free Admission

Kasa no Tsuyu is a footbath attached to the Kikunoyu establishment within Yamanaka Onsen in Kaga City, Ishikawa prefecture. Anyone can use it for free as a spot to rest during a walk through the onsen town, and it's also a popular relaxation spot among locals. Since it is a footbath, it's different from a regular onsen; it should be enjoyed fully clothed, immersing only feet in the water. As feet and legs below the knee are sure to get wet, it's a good idea to visit wearing pants that roll up easily, shorts, or a skirt.

Photograph provided by Ishikawa Prefectural Tourism League

0.5 hours
Telephone Number
Postal code
Yunodemachi 11, Yamanakaonsen, Kaga, Ishikawa
Business Hours
Monday・Tuesday・Wednesday・Thursday・Friday・Saturday・Sunday : 07:00~22:30

Admisson Fee
JPY0 /

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