Katano Kaigan Beach

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Katano Kaigan Beach is a swimming beach that features the crystal-clear ocean and a fresh, green pine forest in the background. It is also outfitted with the Kaga Kaigan Nature Trail and cycling roads. On clear days, visitors to the beach can gaze out over the winding coastline to see as far as Fukui prefecture's famously beautiful Tojinbo cliffs.
Kamoike, located in the hilly area of Katano, is known for being home to tens of thousands of ducks. Casting a rake-shaped net called sakaami to catch low-flying ducks in this hilly area is a winter tradition called "sakaami hunt" found only here. This traditional hunt has been practiced since the Edo period (about 300 years), and it has been designated as a folk cultural property of Ishikawa prefecture.

*Note: Barbecues and marine sports such as waterskiing and jet skiing are not allowed at the beach. Please be aware that visitors may not bring food into the beach houses. 

1.0 Hour
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Katanomachi, Kaga City, Ishikawa
石川県加賀市片野町 片野海水浴場

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