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Kibagata Koen Park, together with Shibayama Lagoon and Imae Lagoon called the "three lakes of Kaga," is the sole park left in its natural state. Maintaining harmony with the surrounding rural landscape, the riverside scenery in particular has been chosen as one of the "100 Nature Views of Ishikawa." The wild birds and aquatic vegetation that inhabit the surroundings of the lagoon have been left untouched, and the area is well-known for bird watching, walking, and canoeing.
The outer periphery of Kiba Lagoon is composed of four areas: North Park, South Park, West Park, and Central Park.
The South Park is a leisure zone where visitors can interact with the water and abundant plant life. It is equipped with a boat loading zone, fishing wharf, Yakugien garden, and lagoon flower garden. The best time to visit the lagoon flower garden is from mid-May through June, at which time two varieties of Japanese iris flowers (kakitsubata and hanashobu) can be seen. Visitors can also rent a boat in order to view the flowers from the water. Playground equipment for badminton, jump rope, ball sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball), and other activities is also available for rent (free of charge).
The West Park is a scenery-viewing zone. It is an excellent viewpoint to gaze at Mt. Hakusan across the lagoon, and from early winter through early summer the snow-capped peak of the mountain is especially beautiful.
In the North Park there is a health and exercise area where visitors can play softball, gate ball, and a variety of other sports.
Lastly, the Central Park. Among the four parks it has the largest area, and the administrative office and training room are established here at the park center called the "Medaka House." There are also plenty of facilities for park golf and other sports as well as multi-use grounds and a canoe loading area. 

1.5 Hours
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58 Sandanimachi, Komatsu City, Ishikawa
石川県小松市三谷町ら之部58 木場潟公園

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