Noshima Island

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Noshima Island in Ehime Prefecture is an uninhabited island that is 2362ft (720m) in circumference with an area of 1.5 hectares, and it is completely covered in cherry trees. While most of the year the island is covered in green, during spring when the cherry trees are in full bloom, the whole area is dyed a gentle pink. From the historic Nomura Village that houses the ruins of a castle that kaizoku pirates once called home, visitors can view the blossoms of over 100 Yoshino cherry trees.
The island also hosts the Noshima no Hanami Festival during the blooming season, and there are ferries that take visitors from the mainland to the island for the festivities. The boats are limited, though—they only operate for two days during the blooming season.

1.0 Hour
Telephone Number
Postal code
Miyakubocho Miyakubo, Imabari, Ehime
愛媛県今治市宮窪町宮窪 能島
Recommended season
March, April

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