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Tachiki Kannon Temple in Aizubange-machi, Fukushima Prefecture, is counted as one of the Aizu 33 Kannon as well as one of the three Aizu Korori Kannon, which are said to bestow blessings related to health and easy childbirth.
The principal object of worship at this temple is a wooden Buddhist standing statue of Senju Kannon, the thousand-armed Goddess of Mercy. This statue was created during the Kamakura period and is over seven meters tall; in fact, it is believed to have been made by carving directly into a giant tree and that its roots are still spread out underneath the floor. At both sides, the Kannon statue is surrounded by attendants called Nijuhachi Bushu standing statues, as well as Buddhist statues of the gods of wind and thunder.
Within the temple there is also a dakitsuki pillar, and it is believed that those who embrace it and pray will have their wishes granted. There are any number of cherry blossom trees on the grounds, as well as a gingko tree that is over 800 years old, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery over all four seasons.

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Telephone Number
Postal code
2944 Toderamatsubara, Kawanuma-gun Aizubange-machi, Fukushima
福島県河沼郡会津坂下町塔寺字松原2944 立木観音
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Recommended season
April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
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: 09:00~14:00

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JPY300 / , JPY300 /

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