Takada Castle Ruins Park

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Famous as one of Japan’s top three night time sakura viewing spots, Takada Park contains over 4,000 trees which bloom in the spring. The contrast between the cherry blossoms and Takada Castle is a highlight point. Many events take place here during the sakura viewing season, including evening fireworks and mikoshi (portable shrine) parades. In the summer, lotus flowers bloom throughout the castle’s outer moat during the Joetsu Lotus Festival. In autumn, the park becomes a wonderful spot for viewing the fall colors, and in the winter its snowly landscapes are simply magical. All in all, Takada Park is beautiful during each of the four seasons. It’s also an important activity and relaxation spot for locals, with facilities like a museum, library, track field, baseball field, tennis courts, and the Takada Castle Tri-Towers.

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44-1 Motoshiro-cho, Joetsu City, Niigata
新潟県上越市本城町44-1 高田城址公園
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