Traditional Craft Making Experience

About 2 hours Language: English, Japanese
Tour Price 6,600 JPY ~ / person
History Culture Experience
  • Traditional Craft Making Experience
  • Traditional Craft Making Experience
  • Traditional Craft Making Experience
  • Traditional Craft Making Experience

About the WOW U-mediator leading this tour

What we'll do

In this hands on culture tour you can try two of the most popular tradional crafts in Japan. First, you can make origami which is the traditional way of folding paper into objects. Afterwards you can improve your penmenship in a calligraphy class.

Things you need to know before the tour

Please wear comfortable clothes because we will sit on the floor


  • Origami class

    The class time will start at 10:05 because it's a very short walk from the meeting place. A Japanese lady will join us to help teach the class.It starts with some easy folding techniques and works up to more difficult ones. We will finish with making a crane which is the symbol of peace in Japan. You can keep everything you make and will be gifted a package of paper to take home to try on your own.

  • Penmenship / Calligraphy Class

    First you can practice your penmenship on paper. Then you can decorate a postcard with origami paper and write a message on it. When it's finished you write your home address on it and I will mail it to you. A great souviner of your stay in Kagoshima will arrive at your house.

  • Terukuni Shrine

    The class finishes at 12:00. If your craft making efforts have made you hungry I will introduce my favourite tempura restaurant which is only a one minute walk away and very cheap!

Meeting Place

From the gate it's only a two minute walk to the venue