Essential Tour in Nikaho City

約 6.5 時間 言語: 英語, 日本語
ツアー料金 ¥6,500 ~ / 人
インスタ映え 文化体験 美しい風景
  • Essential Tour in Nikaho City
  • Essential Tour in Nikaho City
  • Essential Tour in Nikaho City

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Touch the nature and culture of this Nikaho city!
Blessed with beautiful nature and tasty food.
Also, you can arrange a schedule if there is a place you want to go.
Let's experience the charm of Nikaho city in Akita prefecture.


Things you need :
-Transport expenses
-Admission fee
-Lunch(approx. JPY 1,000~2,000 per person)


  • Seishi Koen Park

    Seishi Koen Park located in Nikaho city in the Akita prefecture in northern Japan is a famous park for viewing cherry blossoms in the Spring time. With the snow-clad Mt.Chokai in the background, this park is a fantastic and relaxing way to have a picnic with friends and family, and also a great way to meet the locals who frequent this park to relax.

  • Tsuchida Farm

    Jersey cream, yogurt, and cheese made from fresh jersey milk cultivated in the natural Nikaho Highlands, so delicious that once you try it you'll never forget it. 'Bokujo (Farm) Restaurant Yodel' a place where you can feel the warmth of the trees and the wonderful atmosphere.

  • Mototaki Fukuryusui Underflow

    The Mototaki Fukuryusui Underflow is a scenic spot in Nihako, Akita Prefecture. The water falling down the stone wall and flowing through moss covered stones creates a calming atmosphere. If you are visiting Nihako city and want to experience some pristine nature, definitely go for a hike in the forest. Make sure that you don't forget your camera.

  • Konoura Onsen

    Konoura Onsen is a unique hot springs hotel that utilizes a building, as is, that was originally used as an elementary school from 1874-1980 and still has the atmosphere of that time here and there. Each of the guest rooms still has the class number and year doorplates on them, which the guests will find entertaining. These hot springs are well known for their milky blue springs.