• Local Culture Tour in Akita Prefecture
  • Local Culture Tour in Akita Prefecture
  • Local Culture Tour in Akita Prefecture
  • Local Culture Tour in Akita Prefecture
  • Local Culture Tour in Akita Prefecture

Local Culture Tour in Akita Prefecture

Tour Price: JPY6,000 〜 / person

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About the WOW U-mediator leading this tour

What we'll do

Have you ever been to Akita prefecture?
The northern prefecture of Akita is a popular choice for sightseeing.
Why don't you experience the charm of Akita prefecture!

Things you need to know before the tour

Things you need :
-Transport expenses
-Admission fee


  • Oga Aquarium GAO

    Oga Aquarium GAO features creatures from the Oga Sea, with additional exhibits displaying creatures of Japan and abroad in their natural environment. When you enter, you will be greeted by the “Oga Large Sea Tank”. It is an impressive tank that reproduces the sea of Oga from spring to summer and displays about 2,000 creatures representing 40 species.

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  • Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum

    Meet, see, and experience Namahage! Located beside the Namahage Museum, the Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum is based in a country house built in the traditional magariya (‘bent house’) style typical of the Oga region. There you can experience the Namahage ritual, which traditionally only local people have been able to witness. This folk custom originally took place only on New Year’s Eve, but now regular educational performances give visitors from far and wide the chance to get to know this ancient tradition of the Shinzan region that has been so carefully preserved across the generations.

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  • Michinoeki Akita Port Tower SELION

    The "Michinoeki Akita Port" is a sightseeing terminal with Akita Port's symbol "Port Tower Selion" as its center, and is comprised of "Selion Lista", a covered green space; "Selion Plaza", which has a multi-purpose auditorium; and the outdoor "Event Open Space. "

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  • Nakajima History Library

    The Nakajima Library has a unique semicircular shape, designed with the theme of "a coliseum of books." It's beautiful design and the sight of books packed tightly from floor to ceiling are stunning. This beautiful building has won awards such as the Good Design Award and the International Architecture Award. The internal wooden framework of the museum uses Akita cedar, which imparts both the nature and traditions of Akita. The ceiling makes use of traditional Akita techniques with its semicircular design that opens like an umbrella, and it gives off a spacious feeling. Additionally, the library is unusual in that it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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