Trip with a Rent a Car in Hirosaki city: Taste and compare different kinds of specialty apples

Shopping Onsen(Hot Springs)
8,300 JPY ~ / person
About 8.5 hours
Language: English

What we'll do

Hirosaki is the city of Aomori prefecture.
Did you know that Hirosaki city in Aomori prefecture is famous for apples?
For our first stop on this tour, we'll indulge ourselves in apples at the Hirosaki Apple Koen Park. You'll be able to buy plenty of souvenirs here, too!
We'll also go to the locally recommended shopping center, ELM, and after that we'll pay a visit to Wasao, a dog famous all over Japan.
Finally, we'll stop at the Furofushi Onsen at the end of the day to recharge our energy.

Meeting Place

We can meet here, at the TOYOTA Rent a Car Shin-Aomori Station West Exit Shop.
The shop is a 1-minute walk from JR Shin-Aomori Station West Exit.
The type of car we rent and the rental fee will depend on the number of people participating in the tour.


Price per person
8,300 JPY ~ / person
Max participants
Up to 4 people
Hosted in English
Things you need to know before the tour

Things you'll need:
-Money to buy lunch
-Money for the onsen
-Transportation fees to get you to the meeting place


  1. 1
    Hirosaki Apple Park

    Hirosaki Apple Park is a place where you can see, hear, feel, and do everything that has to do with apples. At the production experience park, you can try your hand at artificial pollination, thinning, fruit picking, and more. The park is also a great place to take leisurely strolls. Fruit picking runs from early August to early November, and the freshest seasonal varieties are available in the orchards.

  2. 2

    ELM is a shopping center that consists of roughly 110 specialty shops but also doubles as an information hub for the Tsugaru region. There are fashion and clothing shops, of course, but there are also plenty of restaurants and places to buy foodstuffs. Rain or shine, this is the perfect place to enjoy a full day of fun!
    Our recommendation is Tsugaru's one and only food theme park, Tsugaru Ramen Highway. Here, there are four separate ramen shops specializing in different flavors: soy sauce, miso, pork belly, and plain. Grab a couple of friends and you can order all of them and compare the flavors!
    The shopping center is also easy to access, with buses leaving directly from Goshogawara Station.

  3. 3
    Wasao's House

    Wasao's House is inside Shichiri-nagahama Kikuya Shoten, a fried squid shop. Rather homely, but still quite cute, Wasao is the Akita dog that lives at the shop. Wasao has gotten famous from blogs and movies, so a lot of people visit the shop every day to try to steal a glance at him. Inside, there is Wasao merchandise available for purchase. There is also a panel with pictures of Wasao; it has become a trend for visitors to take photos here and upload them to Instagram.

  4. 4
    Furofushi Onsen

    Koganezaki Furofushi Onsen is an Onsen facility with both indoor baths and open-air baths from which you can view the Sea of Japan. We recommend the dark brown water of the gourd-shaped open-air bath. The bath is on the same level as the sea, so you can see the full horizon spreading out before you while bathing. The sunset viewed from the baths is particularly beautiful, and the facility’s biggest draw.

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