Trip with a Rent a Car in Akita pref: Feel the tradition of lacquerware crafts and the nature of Oyasukyo

Culture Experience Onsen(Hot Springs) Beautiful Scenery
8,300 JPY ~ / person
About 8.5 hours
Language: English

What we'll do

You can go to Akita city, Yuzawa city, and Yokote city.
If you're looking for a bit of relief from the flurry of everyday life, this tour is perfect for you!
In just a short time you can relax, refresh yourself, and indulge in the nature of Akita.
We'll start at the easily accessible Akita Station, visit the production area of traditional lacquerware crafts and see the skills of artisans with your own eyes, then make a stop at the famous Oyasukyo Daifunto Gorge where you can take pictures of the unusual terrain.
After that, we'll take a leisurely soak in the onsen at Tsurugaike Sou, where you can refresh and recharge!

Meeting Place

We can meet here, at the TOYOTA Rent a Car Akita Station shop.
The shop is 3 minutes walk from JR Akita Station. Proceed on the one-way street in front of the station, and the shop will be on the left.
The type of car we rent and the rental fee will depend on the number of people participating in the tour.


Price per person
8,300 JPY ~ / person
Max participants
Up to 4 people
Hosted in English
Things you need to know before the tour

Things you'll need:
-Money to buy lunch
-Transportation fees to get you to the meeting place
-Entrance fee money for the museum and onsen


  1. 1
    Kawatsura Lacquerware Traditional Craft Museum

    The Kawatsura Lacquerware Traditional Craft Museum is located in Yuzawa city in southern Akita prefecture.Its facilities include exhibitions, sales, and a historical museum focused on the 800-year history of the traditional craft of Kawatsura lacquerware, where you can try goldsmithing and lacquer painting for yourself. Kawatsura lacquerware is a time-honored drying method that involves grinding domestic wood and oxidising it with smoke. The smoked wood dries slowly at a low temperature, which reduces distortions caused by cracks in the wood. When the smoke components bind with the proteins in the wood, the wood is strengthened, becoming resistant to insects and rotting.

  2. 2
    Oyasukyo Daifunto Gorge

    Oyasukyo Daifunto of Akita prefecture is a gorge cutting through the forested landscape. After a short walk, to reach the river's source, visitors will be stunned by the thermal activity mere feet away from them. Drawing from hot underground water, large masses of steam can be seen escaping from the hot rapids.

  3. 3
    Ainono Onsen Tsurugaikesou

    Ainono Onsen Tsurugaikesou is a hot-spring hotel that lies in the nature-abundant area of Tsurugaike in Yokote city, Akita prefecture. As a hot-spring hotel, it's main business is lodging, but even if you can't stay the night you'll still be able to enjoy the open-air bath, large public bath, waterfall bath, full-fledged sauna, and other areas during a day trip. The hotel offers a daytime plan that includes entrance to the baths, meals, and a private room to rest in. We recommend this daytime plan for anyone who wants to enjoy not just the baths, but also a leisurely day of food and relaxation.

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