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Beautiful Scenery
5,000 JPY ~ / person
About 0.5 hours
Language: English

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Why not come and discover the magnificent nature and “Kazura Bridge of Iya”, one of the three strangest bridges in Japan’s largest unexplored Iya area. After hours of trekking and hiking through its jungles and having a full-body experience of nature, soak away the day’s fatigue at Iya Onsen, where you can enjoy superb views. This tour provides visitors the opportunity to not only revel in nature, but also heal both the mind and body.

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Price per person
5,000 JPY ~ / person
Max participants
Up to 4 people
Hosted in English
Things you need to know before the tour

-Taxis or rental cars are recommended for transportation.
-Transportation and Admission fees are not included in the price.
-Recommend comfortable shoes.


  1. 1
    Iya No Kazurabashi Bridge

    Iya No Kazurabashi Bridge is an 800 year old suspension bridge made with vines located in the Iyadani Valley in Tokushima prefecture. One of three surviving vine bridges in the area, unlike the two others (Okuiya Niju Kazurabashi Bridge) that are a hidden spot very deep into the valley, Iya No Kazurabashi Bridge has better and quicker access. Used to cross the Iyagawa River, this vine bridge is still usable and you can cross the bridge which creaks and sways, giving you quite the adrenaline rush while you walk over the small gaps in the bridge that show you the rocky river 14 meters (46 feet) below. But worry not, there are steel cables hidden within the vines and the bridge is rebuilt every 3 years for safety.

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    Iyadani Valley

    The Iya Valley is a rugged canyon extending along the base of mountain range for 1,700 meters. The emerald green Iya River flows through the V-shaped valley, and if you view it from above, your eyes will be dazzled. In autumn, the trees become colorful and autumn leaves can be seen. Furthermore, a famous Manneken Pis statue stands right on a rock cliff, making it a popular photo spot!

  3. 3
    Hotel Iya Onsen

    In one of Japan’s three most secluded regions, The Iya Valley, there stands only one hotel. This hotel resort, perched on the edge of a lost Japan resides over a jaw-dropping edge of a spectacular almost untouched valley. This hotel also features luxury Japanese styled rooms with open views with a hint of western influence.

    Ride a cable car heading up to one of the best hot springs in the country. Have a soothing soak in an open-air bath with natural hot spring water flowing from its source. Here, you can relax and intertwine with nature, letting the breathtaking views before your eyes take you to paradise.

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