A tour to experience Japanese culture in Kumamoto Prefecture

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5,000 JPY ~ / person
About 6 hours
Language: English

What we'll do

This is a must-see tour in Kumamoto for people who want to interact with Japanese culture. At Kumamotojo Castle and Suizenji Garden (Kumamoto), you can take a tour of historic buildings within the long history of Japan. At the Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Center, you can observe Kumamoto's traditional crafts, and there are also events and workshops that take place, so this could end up being a special experience for you. *Please check the official website for the events and workshops at the Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Center.

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Price per person
5,000 JPY ~ / person
Max participants
Up to 4 people
Hosted in English
Things you need to know before the tour

-Transportation and Admission fees are not included in the price.
-Recommend comfortable shoes.


  1. 1
    Suizenji Garden (Kumamoto)

    Suizenji Garden is a spacious Japanese garden sitting in the heart of Kumamoto city, Kumamoto prefecture. Drawn from Mt. Aso's groundwater, this traditional Japanese landscape garden features wide open areas punctuated by calm pools. With an area of roughly 73,000 square meters, there is plenty to explore. Best experienced by way of a circular path orbiting the center of the garden, you will have plenty of time to take in the rich Japanese culture which permeates the garden. Enjoy observing the koi fish swimming as you stand on an ancient stone bridge, take in the old Japanese architecture, or just contemplate the serenity of the landscape garden. Suizenji Garden is a perfect place for those looking to calm themselves.

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    Kumamotojo Castle

    Kumamotojo Castle, designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan. It has about 600 years of history, and is a castle deeply involved with countless Feudal Lords who have left their mark in history including Japan's most famous master fencer, "Musashi Miyamoto." It has many highlights, such as the large ginkgo trees that inspired its other name, "Ginkgo Castle," architecture called "mushagaeshi" (that which turns warriors around to go back) that are said to be impossible to climb, even for ninjas!

  3. 3
    Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Center

    At the Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Center, a variety of traditional crafts of Kumamoto Prefecture and items used in daily life are on display and for sale. Among them, one particular craft well worth seeing is the higozogan. Higozogan refers to adding ornamental decorations to gun barrels or katana swords in the delicate and refined style that is characteristic of samurai culture. There are also 80 other types of products that have received prefectural designation as traditional crafts, such as woodwork, bamboo ware, ceramics and porcelain, traditional toys, and blades. In the permanent collection exhibition room, there are products on display that can be touched directly, and there are also three rental exhibition rooms where weekly events are held. Visitors can also feel the experience the crafts firsthand by participating in workshops, lectures, and events such as knife polishing with a blacksmith. *Knife polishing workshops are held on the third sunday of every month (subject to change), and there is a fee is 500 JPY. *Each workshop can only accomodate a certain number of people. Once the spots have been filled, registration will be closed. Please apply by phone (096-324-5133). If you wish to cancel a reservation, please make sure to contact the center directly. *When participating in the workshops, please make sure to bring an apron and wear clothes that can get dirty.

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