A trip around popular spots in Takachiho

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5,000 JPY ~ / person
About 6 hours
Language: English

What we'll do

This is a tour aimed at families for fully enjoying Takachiho's nature. You can drive actual railroad cars on the Takachiho Amaterasu Railway. Takachiho Gorge is famous even in Japan as a spot that looks great on Instagram, and you can enjoy the scenery of Takachiho Gorge while in a row boat. Kunimigaoka Observation Deck is a well known location for seeing a sea of clouds. If you're lucky, you might also get a chance to see the sea of clouds.

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Price per person
5,000 JPY ~ / person
Max participants
Up to 4 people
Hosted in English
Things you need to know before the tour

-Taxis or rental cars are recommended for transportation.
-Transportation and Admission fees are not included in the price.
-Recommend comfortable shoes.


  1. 1
    Takachiho Amaterasu Railway

    Known for its deep connection with the Shinto religion, the town of Takachiho is blessed with an abundance of nature, from its lush woodlands to its famous gorges. For oneself to truly absorb the fantastical beauty of the nature here, you absolutely must ride the Takachiho Amaterasu Railway.
    After being damaged by a typhoon, this railway was revamped as a tourist destination for travelers to enjoy a scenic route on an original cart found only in Takachiho. A standout on this attraction is the Takachiho Bridge standing at 105 meters tall, originally one of Japan’s highest bridges in the 1970’s.
    Some quirky bonuses on this ride are that the tunnels illuminate via projected images, and the train conductor blows bubbles. You can imagine how the bubbles create an essence of a daydream while you seemingly float in the sky. What more could you possibly want?
    Take a ride on two types of carts, go sip on a nice cup of coffee at the café, and collect a souvenir while you’re here!

  2. 2
    Takachihokyo Gorge

    Takachihokyo Gorge is a beautiful 7 km long gorge in Miyazaki Prefecture that was created by a volcanic eruption. It is a designated natural monument and is known as a sacred place and power spot. One of the highlights of the gorge is the Manai waterfall which is considered one of the 100 most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. A great way to explore the gorge is by boat which you can rent. You can also take a ride on a Takachiho Railway track for tourists, known as “Super Cart”. The stunning scenery to be enjoyed here is a feast for photographers and nature lovers.

  3. 3
    Kunimigaoka Observation Deck

    At a height of 513 meters, Kunimigaoka is famous for its "sea of clouds." The best time to see of this sea of clouds from the Kunimigaoka Observation deck is from autumn through early winter in the early morning of chilly days when there's no wind and a bit of dampness in the air. Mist covers the Takachiho Basin and the surrounding mountains, resulting in a scene that looks like an ink painting. During autumn the observation deck bustles with people, even in the early morning. The allure of the Kunimigaoka Observation Deck doesn't end at the sea of clouds, though: on sunny days, the Chiho mountains and calm scenery of terraced rice fields can be seen in the east, and a figure that looks like a Buddha lying down and the Mt. Aso peaks can be seen to the west. Well worth the early rise, stop by to see the breathtaking beauty.

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