History and nature in Okayama

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At the Kanbanotaki Waterfall, you can enjoy seeing a waterfall running over a sheer cliff, and this is a great spot to visit from summer through autumn. The Katsuyama Historical Preservation District was the first "historical preservation district" designated in Okayama Prefecture, and this is where an old fashioned streetscape still remains to this day, including traditional white plastered storehouses, and stores with latticed windows. This is a sightseeing area that offers plenty of enjoyment not only from the shopping, but also just from walking around the streets. The Kyusenkyojin Junior High School(Kuse Espace Land) has currently been shut down, allowing for the general public to take tours inside. It is rare to get a chance to tour the inside of a Japanese school, so be sure to take this opportunity to see it for yourself.

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5,000 JPY ~ / person
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Up to 4 people
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-Taxis or Bus are recommended for transportation.
-Transportation and Admission fees are not included in the price.
-Recommend comfortable shoes.


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    Kanbanotaki Waterfall

    The Kanbanotaki Waterfall, also known as Kanba Falls, is a majestic waterfall in Maniwa, Okayama Prefecture. It is 110m high and about 20m wide and has been named one of Japan's best waterfalls. It is said that the water splashing down and breaking on the black rocks looks like white carps swimming against the stream. The area around the waterfall is a designated prefectural nature park. As with other forestry areas throughout Japan, the area is very pretty during the autumn leaves period. There are also wild monkeys living in the area, but the chances of seeing them are slim.

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    Katsuyama Historical Preservation District

    Katsuyama town in Okayama Prefecture prospered in the Edo period as a post town where travelers would stay for a night on the way to Izumo Shrine. Today, parts of the town are designated as Katsuyama Historical Preservation District and have become a popular tourist destination for their historical flair. Old sake breweries and samurai residences are still preserved and other old buildings, such as warehouses are refashioned into cafes and galleries. Katsuyama is most famous today for its noren or Japanese curtains that are used to divide rooms or doors. Colorful noren decorate the traditional shops throughout Katsuyama town and they are also a popular souvenir.

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    Kyusenkyojin Junior High School(Kuse Espace Land)

    Kyusenkyojin Junior High School was built in 1907 as a Renaissance-style wooden school building. In 1990 it ceased functioning as an elementary school, and it is currently open to the public. Reminiscent of a reception hall, this extravagant Western-style school building has been designated as a National Important Cultural Property. The limited-offer "nostalgic school lunches" are quite popular, so definitely give them a taste during your visit. *Advance reservations are required for the school lunches. For dates and prices, please check the official website. http://kuse-espace.jp/senkyou/kyuushoku/index.html

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