An extraordinary tour of art and nature

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5,000 JPY ~ / person
About 6 hours
Language: English

What we'll do

This tour will let you enjoy modern art and the nature of Misawa, Aomori. At the Towada Art Center, not only is there art inside, but you can also view artwork outside and along the streets around the art center, allowing you to take some photogenic shots. At Tsutanuma Lake, you can take a walk around a marsh, and you might be able to see up close some of the wild birds that live here. You can ride a cable car up to the summit of the Mt. Hakkoda where you can see a panoramic view of Aomori. Summer is when there are fresh green leaves and flowers in full bloom, so this is also a perfect spot for taking a stroll.

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Price per person
5,000 JPY ~ / person
Max participants
Up to 4 people
Hosted in English
Things you need to know before the tour

-Taxis or rental cars are recommended for transportation.
-Transportation and Admission fees are not included in the price.
-Recommend comfortable shoes.


  1. 1
    Towada Art Center

    Accessible and modern, the Towada Art Center of Aomori prefecture is a center of contemporary art in Japan. Featuring both internationally acclaimed artists and domestic exhibits, it exposes each piece through "interspersion" by separating pieces so that they are better viewed individually while preserving their individual harmonies. With a cafe and English language audio guidance available, it is a good place to relax and take in the surrounding scenery, most of which is some form of modern art.

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    Tsutanuma Lake

    Aomori prefecture’s Tsutanuma is a secluded area in the Aomori prefecture where many tourists and camera operators gather to see the autumn leaves at their best. The morning sun illuminates Tsutanuma in the early morning, and the red-dyed leaves that are reflected on the lake's surface create a mysterious scene. Once the sun starts to rise, the sky’s blue gradually becomes whiter, and the autumn leaves dyed by the morning sun begin to reflect onto the surface of the lake. Every year, many people visit Tsutanuma to witness this moment. Many people visit at around 5 in the morning to enjoy the beautiful scenery as it slowly changes with the sun’s movement. Tsutanuma is famous for its early morning scenery; however, you can still enjoy the area and nature even after the sun has risen. There are seven lakes in the area, including Tsutanuma called the ‘Tsutanananuma.’ The region is outfitted with promenades, and you can see primeval forests filled with beech and maple trees as well as observe a wide variety of wild birds on a one and a half hour walk around the area. The entire area is designated as a national park, and nature there is left untouched. We recommend also going when the new green leaves of summer sprout. Aomori prefecture’s Tsutanuma’s best fresh green leaves period begins around the middle of May. If you’re going to walk in and around the mountain, we recommend going during this period. During this period, early mornings when the air is clear, and you can gently hear the voices of the forest, are also quite popular. Also, there are hot springs and inns located nearby, and so we recommend taking some leisurely walks around the Tsutanuma area while you stay the night somewhere.

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    Mt. Hakkoda

    Mt. Hakkoda, located in Aomori Prefecture, is comprised of volcanic peaks between Aomori City and Lake Towada that reach as high as 1585 meters. One of Japan’s most famous mountain ranges, Mt. Hakkoda is known for its hiking trails, ski resorts, and famous hot springs. This area home to some of the best natural scenery Aomori has to offer. In the winter, Mt. Hakkoda is one of the only places in the world where you can experience Snow Monsters, a natural phenomenon where fog freezes around trees, forming natural statues. Other popular activities within the area include taking a ride on the cable car, visiting the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, the Suirennuma Pond, and hiking the marshlands.

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