Trip with a Rent a Car in Shizuoka pref: Enjoy all day! Enjoy Hamamatsu City with the whole family!

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Ryugashido Cave is a mystical spot popular for being cool during the summer, and it is also a tourist attraction that is popular with children. There are also a lot of places where you can come in contact with history such as at nearby Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples for adults to also enjoy, in addition to food stalls where you can get some ice cream. After enjoying the nature, head over to Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika. At this gigantic facility, you can pick fruits that match each of the seasons. Along with picking fruit, there are also activities that you can enjoy such as a winery and a playground. This route is perfect for families during summer vacation.

Meeting Place

We can meet here, at the TOYOTA Rent a Car Hamamatsu Shinkansen Ext. Shop.
Go out JR Hamamatsu Sta. South Ext., turn left, and walk for 1 minute (about 200 meters).
The type of car we rent and the rental fee will depend on the number of people participating in the tour.
*One-way: Available inside / outside the prefecture


Price per person (tax included)
6,958 JPY - / person
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Up to 4 people
Hosted in English
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Things you'll need:
-Money to buy lunch
-Transportation fees to get you to the meeting place


  1. 1
    Ryugashido Cave

    Ryugashido Cave is a limestone cave totaling about 1,000 meters in length with a public area of about 400 meters. The average yearly temperature within the cave is 18 degrees Celsius; cool in summer and warm in winter, visitors can enjoy a pleasant tour beneath the earth. There are about 50 observation points in the cave, and the underground waterfall with a drop of 30 meters called the Grand Golden Waterfall is particularly popular. On site there is also a "foot water" facility visitors can enjoy called Yokita Cave, which uses natural cold air and cave water to create a footbath. This is an especially popular cool-down spot during mid-summer.

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    Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika

    Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika is a complex with a multitude of facilities, including fruit picking (15 different kinds of fruit can be harvested here throughout the year), a winery where wines from all over the world can be enjoyed, and activities such as segway and bicycle rentals. At the fruit picking orchards, harvesting even just one of a particular kind is allowed, so those who wish to enjoy a little of everything won't be disappointed. Strawberries and cherries are available for picking, of course, but fruits that are not often found in other farms, such figs and chocolate vine, are grown here as well. After a busy day of fruit picking and other activities, visitors can fill their stomachs at any of the restaurants or barbecue outfittings. Without a doubt, this is a spot the whole family can enjoy.


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This is the official account of EXest Inc. On this account, we will provide EXest's original tours. WOW U's new project, Ikimonogatari, provides an online platform to create a deep connection with local manufacturers. It is not, however, just about the consumption of physical goods; this project is designed to inspire its participants to support the manufacturers by providing a close look into the sentiments of those manufacturers and the background behind their production. Even if it's a place you've never been, something you've never heard of, anyone and everyone is welcome to freely participate in any and all events that pique their interest! ※The Ikimonogatari events are only held in Japanese.

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