Trip with a Rent a Car in Kagoshima pref: Kagoshima power spots

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6,958 JPY - / person
About 8 hours
Language: English

What we'll do

Start off with going around to the spots flowing with mystical energy. Although Kirishimajingu Shrine is a prestigious Shinto shrine, it is well known by citizens of the prefecture as a place with mystical energy.
Next head to Takachiho Gawara, a consistently popular spot among locals where you can feel the spiritual energy.
The last stop is the magnificent waterfall at Maruonotaki Waterfall, and the best time to take a picture of it is when it is lit up in the evening.

Meeting Place

We can meet here, at the TOYOTA Rent a Car Kagoshima Airport Shop.
From the airport, 3-minute drive toward Mizobe Interchange.
The type of car we rent and the rental fee will depend on the number of people participating in the tour.
*One-way: Available inside / outside the prefecture


Price per person (tax included)
6,958 JPY - / person
Max participants
Up to 4 people
Hosted in English
Things you need to know before the tour

Things you'll need:
-Money to buy lunch
-Transportation fees to get you to the meeting place


  1. 1
    Kirishimajingu Shrine

    Kirishima-jingu is a Shinto shrine located in the Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park area. Kirishima-jingu Shrine is known for both the legends surrounding it that have been passed down from generation to generation as well as for being the best "power spot" in Kirishima. We recommend not only visiting the majestic vermillion shrine buildings, but also checking out the the view from the observatory along the road leading to the shrine. On a clear day, Kagoshima Bay, Sakurajima Island, the Kagoshima City area, and Kaimondake are all visible.

  2. 2
    Takachiho Gawara

    Takachiho Gawara, located at 970 meters above sea level, is known as the southern entrance to Mt. Kirishima. It is a climbing base for Takachihonomine Peak, Mt. Nakakade, and Mt. Shinoedake, and many hikers visit this spot during all seasons (note: access to Mt. Nakakade and Mt. Shimoedake is currently restricted). From this site, the Ohachi Crater is visible, characterized by its reddish-brown mountain trail. Visitors can also interact with wild animals at the Wildlife Observation Area inside the forest.

  3. 3
    Maruonotaki Waterfall

    The Maruonotaki Waterfall is an impressive waterfall that lies along the national highway between Kirishima-jingu Shrine and Maruo Onsen. The hot water from the Eino and Iodani hot springs that lie upstream mixes together, creating a rare warm waterfall. In autumn the surroundings are dyed by the coloring leaves, and when winter comes around the rising steam creates a magical atmosphere. The scenery of the area changes with each of the seasons, and tourists come to experience the beauty of the nature throughout the whole year. Additionally, a shower of the splashes and negative ions from the water is said to relieve daily fatigue and soothe both mind and body. The mysterious sight of lights dancing over water created by the nighttime illuminations is also not one to miss.


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