Trip with a Rent a Car in Yamaguchi pref: A trip to experience the nature and history of Shimonoseki City

温泉&銭湯 グルメ 美しい風景
¥6,325 ~ / 人
約 8 時間
言語: 英語


This is a tour for going around Shimonoseki on the westernmost tip of Honshu.
First head to Tsunoshima Lighthouse. This is the most beautiful stone-built lighthouse in Japan. You'll be able to start your trip after getting refreshed from seeing the scenery from the lighthous.
Motonosumi Jinja Shrine is famous for a mystical spot where your prayers will be answered. Additionally, you can see a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan from the Senjojiki(Yamaguchi) 333m above sea level.
At the roadside station Senzakitchen, you can buy local ingredients and try some regional cuisine, so be sure to take a break here.


We can meet here, at the TOYOTA Rent a Car Yamaguchi Ube Airport Shop.
Inside the Yamaguchi Ube Airport Car Rental Terminal. (Exit the Airport Terminal, turn right, and go for 100 meters.)
The type of car we rent and the rental fee will depend on the number of people participating in the tour.
*One-way: Available inside / outside the prefecture


ツアー料金 (一人あたりの金額)
¥6,325 ~ / 人
最大 4 人まで参加可能
英語 で開催

Things you'll need:
-Money to buy lunch
-Transportation fees to get you to the meeting place


  1. 1
    Tsunoshima Lighthouse

    Tsunoshima Lighthouse was first lit in 1876, and it is the first large Western-style lighthouse on the Sea of Japan. Even 130 years after its construction, it is still lit every single day without fail. The view from the top of the spiral staircase of the vast sea spreading out below is truly a spectacular sight. Nearby is the Tsunoshima Lighthouse Park, where locals often go to relax. At the Lighthouse Memorial Hall, constructed in what was once a staff break room, visitors can learn about the history of the area and lighthouses around Japan.

  2. 2
    Motonosumi Jinja Shrine

    Motosumi Jinja Shrine was nominated as one of the “31 Most Beautiful Places in Japan” by American television company affiliated CNN Travel. Built over a period of 10 years starting in 1987, the 123 torii gates that line up for over 100m making a tunnel of gates up from the coastline of the Sea of Japan is an extraordinary sight indeed. If you make your way through the closely line up red torii gates you’ll find yourself at the “Ryugu no Shiofuki”, a beautiful spot where you can see the big waves thrown up into the air as they clash against the cliffside. The vivid blue sky and sea make for quite the eye opening and beautiful contrast to the red torii gates. A truly beautiful sight you surely will never forget! Inside of the shrine grounds you can find a giant 6m tall torii gate, the tallest at the shrine, which has an offertory box neatly positioned at the top in the middle. It is said that if you can successfully toss a coin into the box your wish will come true! ※The shrine can become busy with visitors so make sure you have plenty of time to look around!

  3. 3

    Senjojiki is a scenic spot overlooking the vast blue sea in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The view of the sea at midday on a clear day is beautiful, but the sunsets are definitely not something to miss. Fires for luring fish float on the surface of the sea on summer nights, and the rock plateau sculpted over the years by waves is another must-see sight. Senjojiki is full of vivid colors throughout the year due to the azaleas, camellias, and sasanqua flowers that grow in the area. There is even a stylish cafe nearby if you're in the mood to enjoy a cup of tea while gazing at the sea.

  4. 4

    Senzakitchen is a roadside station and exchange facility where visitors can connect with Nagato's people and food. The largest direct sales area in the region, Senzakitchen sells local produce, such as fresh vegetables and seafood from the Sea of Japan. The food-related events held at the facility's restaurants and open kitchen allow visitors to enjoy delicious local treats and interact with locals and other visitors. In addition, tourist information center Yukute provides Nagato sightseeing information, road guidance, and free Wi-Fi. The facility also hosts the interactive Nagato Toy Museum, a place to create and learn. The museum is not only a great place for kids, but also for people of all all ages to relive their childhood.