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5,000 JPY ~ / person
About 6 hours
Language: English

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On the royal road tour in Naha city, you can fully enjoy seeing, playing, and eating. At the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum, nicknamed "Omikyu," you can enjoy a variety of Okinawan art. Naminoue Beach is Naha's only sandy beach, and here you can take part in many different activities, including diving, snorkeling, and barbecues. Kokusai-dori, or International Avenue," is said to be a paradise of gourmet cuisine. Take a visit fill your stomach with delicious Okinawan food.

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Price per person
5,000 JPY ~ / person
Max participants
Up to 4 people
Hosted in English
Things you need to know before the tour

-Transportation and Admission fees are not included in the price.
-Recommend comfortable shoes.


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    Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum (OkiMu)

    The Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum is a popular spot where visitors can enjoy Okinawan nature, history, culture, and art all at the same time. It's fondly known as OkiMu, which is an abbreviation of "Okinawa" and "museum." In the museum, nature native to Okinawa, climate and other natural features, history, and culture are introduced through authentic documents and models as well as dynamic videos. There are also specialized themed displays in five different divisions: nature, archeology, arts and crafts, history, and folk customs. The art museum consists mainly of modern works of art by Okinawan artists and artists who have a connection to Okinawa, but other works of art originating elsewhere in Japan and other countries are also on display. For permanent displays, there are pamphlets with explanations written in five different languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. Audio guides in the aforementioned languages are also available for free rental, so tourists can easily enjoy the exhibitions. Additionally, the museum shop is well-equipped for choosing souvenirs, and there is a cafe where visitors can taste Okinawan soul food as well as dishes that use seasonal island vegetables, so make sure not to miss out.

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    Naminoue Beach

    Naminoue Beach, about 15 minutes’ drive from Naha Airport, is the only beach in the city. Its location close to the airport and facilities such as dressing rooms and lockers attract many tourists. The beach has two sides: the Wakasa area and the Tsuji area. An amazing sunset can be seen from the seaside park adjacent to the Wakasa side, while a stunning night view can be enjoyed from the Tsuji side. In addition, tourists can go diving and snorkeling along with a guide, and at the Naminoue Union-sora Koen Park, they can enjoy barbecue in an open space surrounded by the ocean. *Swimming is prohibited at the beach designated for diving and snorkeling. A guide is required.

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    Naminouegu Shrine

    Naminouegu Shrine is a rare kind of shrine, built on top of cliffs lining a beach and looking far out over the ocean. Among the eight shrines in Okinawa Prefecture this is the most prestigious, and it has been important to local people for a long time. Around 300,000 people visit the shrine for worship each year at New Year's. Boat purifications and milestone events such as Shichigosan (an event for children aged 3, 5, and 7) and Omiyamairi (an event to give thanks and celebrate the health of a baby born one month previously) are also held here. It is said that there are a variety of benefits to visiting this shrine as well, such as marriage, easy childbirth, household well-being, and thriving business. Enjoy the beauty of the sea at this mysterious place resting within untouched nature.

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    Naha Kokusai Shopping Street

    Naha Kokusai Shopping Street is the biggest downtown area in Naha City and is known as a can’t-miss spot. On the street, there are over 600 stores, including malls, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc. There are also prefectural administrative agencies and a business district adjacent to the street, which makes it quite busy. The name of the street comes from the historical Ernie Pyle International Theater that used to be located by the current Tembusu Naha (a commercial place used to share the traditional culture of old Okinawa, the Ryukyu Kingdom). After the World War II, the US military allowed the Ryukyu government to build the private theater on the quiet street to give local people entertainment. The theater was named after American journalist Ernie Pyle who died in the war. It helped the area develop, and people started calling the street “Kokusai Street” instead of “the street of Ernie Pyle International Theater.” Today, not only the local residents but also many tourists enjoy the local cuisine and shopping here.

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