Naha Shuri Walking Tour

世界遺産 人気スポット 歴史 アート&建築
¥13,200 ~ / 人
約 4 時間
言語: 英語


This walking tour covers the highlight of Ryukyu Kingdom historic sites.
Okinawa was once an independent kingdom called Ryukyu (1429-1879).
The tour is about 1.5 km walk on mostly flat surfaces.

You will visit the following places:
Meet at Shuri monorail station.

Ryutan Street,
Enkakuji Temple Gate
Shurei Gate at Shuri castle park
Sonohyan Utaki Stone Gate
Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum.

**Pictures used on this page are downloaded from Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau. (c) OCVB


Your guide will wait at the Shuri station.


ツアー 一人当たりの金額(税込)
¥13,200 ~ / 人
最大 6 人まで参加可能
英語 で開催

The minimum number to operate this walking tour is 2 people.

This tour does not include the admission fee at Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum.
300 Japanese yen / person

No meals/drinks are included.

Okinawa's summer is hot and humid, so this walking tour will start early in the morning at 8am.
Please bring a hat, sunglasses, comfortable shoes and water.


  1. 1
    Enkakuji Temple Gate

    Enkakuji Temple was constructed in 1494 and was the family temple for the kings of the Second Sho Shi Dynasty.

  2. 2
    Shurei Gate

    Shure Gate was first constructed between 1527 and 1555, and it was designated as a National Treasure in 1933,
    but it was destroyed in the Battle of Okinawa.
    The gate was reconstructed in 1958 and since then, it continues to be a symbol of Okinawa and
    draws many visitors.

  3. 3
    Tamaudun Royal Mosoleum

    Tamaudun Mausoleum was built in the early 16th century
    as the mausoleum for the royal family of the Ryukyu Kingdom.


OIGA tour guides are the specialists of Okinawa Japan

Okinawa Interpreter Guide Association, OIGA, was founded in September 2007 for the purpose of supporting tourists to have a correct understanding of Okinawa, to spend worthwhile time, as well as promoting international tourism here. OIGA is the professional association of interpreter guides working throughout Okinawa Prefecture. OIGA offers guiding in 3 different languages - English, Chinese, and Korean. Since its foundation, OIGA has been dedicated effort to raising and maintaining the professional standards by sharing the up-to-date information related to Okinawa issues, as well as holding practical training and seminars regularly. OIGA is the only guide association in Okinawa that is registered to the Japan Tourism Agency (as of April 2020). All of our interpreter guide members are licensed by the national government or Okinawa Prefecture.




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¥13,200 ~ / 人