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13,200 JPY - / person
About 5 hours
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Okinawa – best known for its pristine beaches and often being envious of raid-back life style by Japanese mainlanders.
Having the history of an independent kingdom until 19th century, Okinawa offers quite unique and distinctive cultures, different from the rest of Japan.
In this tour you will have a chance to witness the glimpse of local people’s life style by visiting small café, eatery…owned by locals, as well as learning a piece of earlier history of the island. And… the tour can’t be completed without seeing our precious beach.

Meeting Place

Bus stop at Nago City Hall Mae – located approximately 70km/45mi north of Naha airport, direct access by express buses #111, #117, #888, about one and a half hours. Alternatively, chartered taxi can be extended to/from the Naha airport or other places with additional fee.


Price per person (tax included)
13,200 JPY - / person
Max participants
Up to 2 people
Hosted in English
Things you need to know before the tour

* Minimum number to operate this tour is 2 people.

* This tour covers northern part of Okinawa, Yanbaru region and tour starts from Nago city about 70km/45mi north of Naha airport.

* Due to the lack of reliable public transportation system, chartered taxi is the most efficient way during the tour with an additional JPY 20,000 p/group up to 4 people. Chartered taxi can be extended to/from the place of your request with additional fee.

* Depends on the weather condition or any other factors, route and itinerary might be modified on the day of the tour.

* Food, drink, admission and any other fees during the tour will be additional.


  1. 1
    Visit one of local unique cafe

    * Yachimun Café Shisa-en Duration:45 min.
    Tea/Coffee: JPY 500 other items available Closed: Monday & Tuesday
    About 100 large and small Shisa statues – Okinawan variation of the guardian lion from China - await guests with the aroma of pan-roasted coffee beans. This place is often futured on foreign publications and attracts many visitors for its peaceful atmosphere.

    * Aikaze Café & Gallery Duration:45 min.
    Tea/Coffee: JPY 500 other items available Closed: Wednesday
    Nested in the tropical green of deep forest, this place also has the studio practicing indigo dyeing. Listening birds singing as background music, you may have a chance to take a peek at studio and watch the process of indigo dyeing.

  2. 2
    Nakijin Castle Ruins : One of nine Okinawa’s UNESCO World Heritage group site

    Duration:60 min. Admission:JPY 440
    Located on the hill of Nakijin village, it was once served as the fort of “Hokuzan” lord, ruler of northern part of Okinawa main island until the beginning of 15th century. Today, only remaining is the hard, ancient rock wall with the length of 1.5km long and the height of 8m tall, carefully built only by human’s hands with the oldest known construction technique, called “Nozura-zumi”.

  3. 3
    Lunch : Okinawa Soba

    Duration:50 min. Food:JPY 650 ~ 850 cash only
    Unlike Other Japanese Soba noodle which contains buckwheat flour, Okinawan version soba is similar to ramen noodle ingredience-wise and local’s beloved soul food consumed 200,000 daily. Simple yet hearty, must-try dish while in Okinawa.

    * Nakijin Soba Closed:Tuesday & 4th Wednesday
    Hand kneaded noodle in a clear broth, served in a tatami room of old Okinawan folk house.

    * Ichifuji Closed: Monday
    Opened last year, this place is quickly gaining popularity by its rich Tonkatsu broth.

  4. 4
    Akabaka beach

    Duration:30 ~ 45 min.
    Note:Public toilets, showers and changing rooms are not available.

    Natural beautiful beach located in the village of Nakijin
    Secluded and quiet beach, visited mostly by locals. Stunning view of tiny cove, totally clear water and best of all, far from any developments.

  5. 5
    Time allowing - Senshoku koubou Banana nesia

    This is a “Bashofu” workshop. Hand-crafted banana-fiber cloth called “Bashofu”. Creating threads from the plants of bananas, weaving into cloth, dyeing by Okinawan original way called “Bingata” then sawing… devoted artisans spend stupendous amount of time and effort in order to produce one single piece of Bashofu product. Hands-on Bingata dyeing experience (2 hours/JPY 2500) is available for rough weather day.


OIGA tour guides are the specialists of Okinawa Japan

Okinawa Interpreter Guide Association, OIGA, was founded in September 2007 for the purpose of supporting tourists to have a correct understanding of Okinawa, to spend worthwhile time, as well as promoting international tourism here. OIGA is the professional association of interpreter guides working throughout Okinawa Prefecture. OIGA offers guiding in 3 different languages - English, Chinese, and Korean. Since its foundation, OIGA has been dedicated effort to raising and maintaining the professional standards by sharing the up-to-date information related to Okinawa issues, as well as holding practical training and seminars regularly. OIGA is the only guide association in Okinawa that is registered to the Japan Tourism Agency (as of April 2020). All of our interpreter guide members are licensed by the national government or Okinawa Prefecture.

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