Let’s enjoy Japanese Soul Food “Miso”

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“Miso” is a very popular fermented food in Japan. Aichi-prefecture is the most famous area a lot of people is a nuts in Miso! We will guide you to the very traditional Miso factory in Aichi, and introduce you the recipe of very delicious Miso dip. We will happy if you could prepare Miso in advance of the online trip, so we will experience the Miso party together.


Jan 14 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour! The three students that led the tour were very passionate about the topic and gave us an interesting brief of miso in Japan.

I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of an industry expert who gave us valuable information about miso in Japan. If we had any doubts, he would answer our questions quickly and succinctly with ease. To aid the understanding of information, the tour also had a friendly translator who helped to bridge the language barrier between the Japanese people and the tour attendees.

We were also told to bring some ingredients for the tour so that we could make a special miso dip recipe together with the tour guides. The students showed us how to make the dip, together with recommendations on what to pair this special dip with. In Singapore, we usually eat miso only as miso soup. But through this tour, I have found out that you can make dips with miso and eat them with bread and vegetables such as cucumber and carrots!

I would recommend this virtual tour to anybody that wants to learn more about food and culture in Japan. After attending this tour, I can’t wait to visit Japan in order to try their miso there for myself.

Jan 14 2021

I really enjoyed this tour! There were so many good elements to this tour of miso. Led by 3 Japanese students, we learned about the way miso was made in their area. I was truly inspired by the process. Particularly the part where you need to master the skill of stacking stones on top of the premade miso. This takes about 10 years to master! One feedback however is the dubbing of the videos shown in the tour. Sometimes the matching of the English language could be awkward and off timing. It might be better to simply put subtitles! Secondly, I liked how they brought on an insider in the business. He provided great insight to our questions about miso and miso making. Lastly, I liked the part where the students demonstrated how they make miso sauce and they eat it with bread! I never expected that and will definitely try it myself someday. Sadly, we were not very clear about the part where we had to bring our own ingredients to follow along. But that would have been an amazing experience. Overall, I rate this tour highly and would highly recommend my friends to take part in the next one. Also, once the pandemic gets better, I have to visit Japan!


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  1. 1
    Why do Aichi Prefecture residents love Miso?

    Find out why Aichi Prefecture residents love Miso. We also enjoy an easy quiz about Miso.

  2. 2
    Let's go see a Miso factory

    We will guide you traditional Miso factory in Aichi Prefecture.

  3. 3
    Very easy recipe of Miso dip

    We will introduce you a delicious Miso dip! Let’s make together if you could prepare Miso at Japanese food market.

  4. 4
    Miso Party

    Let's have a party with tasting Miso dip! If it would be difficult to prepare Miso for your own, please bring any dip you could. It is great to taste begetable and snacks with Miso or any other dip together.


I love animals.

Hi! I'm Ami. I'm a student at Aichi Shukutoku University. I like miso soup and ramen noodle. Lately I've been into K-Pop! I would like to introduce Japanese food culture. I want to talk to you all a lot!

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